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Are Birds Animals?

Birds are a type of animal. They are not mammals. They are Aves, which is a an animal that is warm-blooded, feathered, beaked, and lays eggs.

Just because birds spend a lot of time in the air doesn’t mean that they’re something else.


Generally, living things are classified into five kingdoms: animal, plant, fungus, monera and protist. But if you’re in the US, the kingdoms become six, because monera is represented by two sub-classifications instead: bacteria and archaea.


It’s obvious that birds don’t fall into the category of fungi or plants, since no member of these categories has ever had wings or can fly like a bird. On the other hand, birds also don’t have roots like these eukaryotic organisms. As for the monera and protist kingdoms, they’re way too small to include birds.


Then the only remaining class that fits the winged creatures is animal. Yes, because what else could it be? The majority of animals eat food by ingesting or swallowing it, and this is what birds exactly do after prehending their food.


Classification As Animals

Most likely, it’s the fact that birds are not mammals. Some people when they think of animals, they only remember the species of mammals. They forget that the animal kingdom contains more than just these varieties. There are also insects which don’t have mammary glands, and the bigger examples are of course, birds.


Animals come in different sizes and shapes, from small invertebrates like bees that don’t have backbones to giant vertebrates like Blue Whales.


Within the animal kingdom, there are subcategories that separate smaller groups of organisms. Birds belong to a class referred to as aves. Animals in this class are known to be warm-blooded, feathered and beaked. They also produce offspring by laying eggs.


If you see animals with the aforementioned characteristics, then they’re birds. You can’t go wrong, because many of them are great aviators that dominate the sky. When they want to forage, they jump into the air and fly away.


Bird Species

The fastest flying bird is the Peregrine Falcon. Not even cheetah can get close to it in terms of speed. While the large cat can run at 80 mph, the Falcon can dive at speed of 240 mph. That’s literally about as fast as an F1 car!


There are also bird species like swallows, cuckoos and swifts that like to migrate in large numbers. Every year, they fly thousands of miles to reach new places and resources.


It’s worth noting that some birds belong to the family of flightless ratites. Among them are steamer duck, takahe, weka, kiwi, etc. There are also birds like ostriches that can run fast at speeds of up to 43 mph. Other types like penguins, meanwhile, are born to be Olympic-class divers.


Ravens and crows are among the most intelligent birds out there. They’ve demonstrated the ability to use tools, recognize individual human faces, share information with their peers and act in a coordinative manner.



Birds are one of the most beautiful animals on earth. They have different characteristics and ways of life. Many of them spend most of their time in the sky while some others are on the ground or even under water.  More about birdwatching.

With over 10,000 species of birds in the world, you can’t mistake them for other things than animals.

So, now you know that birds are animals.