RV Propane Fireplaces – Stay Warm and Cozy

RVs mostly use electricity or gas for heat. You can also use propane.

Dickinson Newport makes small portable fireplaces that can be used in an RV, such as Newport P12000 Propane Fireplace, see video:


For many generations, the truth of the matter is that fireplaces have always had a special place in many homes and RVs. In fact, fireplaces of homes in the past had been considered as vital elements that provided heat in order for people to stay warm due to the fact that there were no modern heating systems like we have today.


Extra elegance and style


Propane fireplaces can indeed add an extra sense of elegance and style to your space. The truth of the matter is that propane fireplaces have grown in popularity on a rather impressively wide scale, which is why it is rather hard for real estate agents to sell homes of owners if the home does not possess a fireplace. Thus, when contractors are building new homes, they usually are careful to make the effort to ensure that the home does include at least one propane fireplace.


Not compatible with wood burning fireplaces


When consideration is given to the manner in which homes are constructed or the manner in which they undergo renovations at this present time, these factors have contributed to the situation in which most modern-day homes are not compatible to have a conventional fireplace that burns wood. Moreover, a big factor concerning the reason regarding why it is not advisable in many cases for homes today to have a wood burning fireplace is based on the premise that there is more insulation that is used in the construction of homes and there is is more air-tightness in the homes now than there was in the past.


But when you use a wood burning fireplace, there must be a large amount of airflow for the safe usage of a wood burning fireplace. In addition, it is noted that a fireplace that burns wood can be a deficit in terms of the loss of heat from the home, as these types of fireplaces are known to result in the home losing heat.

Also, it is realized that many people are getting away from using fireplaces that burn wood as a result of the fact that these types of fireplaces can produce emissions that are harmful at rather alarmingly high levels. These types of fireplaces cause the air outside to become polluted. They also negatively impact the quality of the air in the home.


The better alternative


Even though this is the case in regard to fireplaces that burn wood, this does not mean that people want to forego having a fireplace altogether, which is why many people are taking advantage of the better alternative. That better alternative is the usage of propane fireplaces.

Propane fireplaces do indeed tend to prove to be good options for those who desire to have a fireplace in their home. Some homes even have more than one. Thus, some homes can have two or three propane fireplaces these days.


Efficient and well designed


The propane fireplaces of our modern times tend to be efficient in terms of energy usage and they also are well designed, which are major factors concerning the reason why these types of fireplaces are so appealing to so many people today. Most current options of propane fireplaces are installed as new fireplaces for a space. These new designs of propane fireplaces are masterfully crafted, so that they can also expertly be used to convert a wood burning fireplace with terrific results.


Safety, heat and ambiance


Indeed, it cannot be denied that there has been a tremendous increase in the interest of having a propane fireplace in homes. This interest in having a propane fireplace in the home or even more than one is due to the fact that many people like the safety of these types of fireplaces. The sleek design of the propane fireplaces is impressive and these types of fireplace provide a nice source of heat with a lovely ambiance for any space.


Easy to use


In addition, these types of fireplaces are highly attractive to many people as a result of the fact that these fireplaces come with the provisions of an on and off switch, which makes these propane fireplaces easy to use and safe to use. Then it is noted that these propane fireplaces do provide a higher level of convenience than wood burning fireplaces, as they are undeniably easier to operate due to the provision of the on and off switch and with no need to engage in the usage of wood. Thus, these propane fireplaces are much easier to start with simply the switch of a button instead of having to buy wood, put the wood in the fireplace and then light the fire. It is good that there is no need to do those things due to the fact that they take a lot of extra time and can be hazardous.




Truly these propane fireplaces are great for the busy family due to the fact that there is no wood to buy. These propane gas fireplaces will have a continual supply of propane for use by those who are super busy, so that they can enjoy their fireplace anytime with little effort. Thus, they offer more efficiency and convenience.

Fireplaces of the past were used to do most of the cooking for the family. With that being the case, though the functionality of fireplaces has changed since most people do not use their fireplace to cook all their meals and do not use their fireplace as the main source of heat for the whole house, the reality is that many people still enjoy gathering around a fireplace.

That is why it is popular to see people enjoying gathering by propane fireplaces to spend time with family and friends whenever they have the opportunity to do so. These modern-day propane fireplaces, therefore, act as a symbol of comfort and togetherness.

Busy families like the fact that a propane fireplace is not as burdensome to use as a wood burning fireplace. Therefore, it is easy to understand why RV propane fireplaces continue to have a tremendous amount of popularity among many people.