Onan Generator Fuel Pump Pressure Problems – Video, When to Replace

Normal fuel pressure ranges from 4 psi to 7psi. You need to replace the pump if you are outside that range or if the engine is running bad or will not start.


For a car engine to keep moving, it needs a stream of fuel input regularly. The generator fuel pump is a device that will move your car fuel from your tank to the car’s engine at a constant pressure to ensure the engine runs smoothly. It is critical component.

Fuel pumps can fail from time to time, but they can always be replaced or even repaired. If your fuel pump keeps failing, maybe you could replace it with an Onan generator fuel pump. For the engine to run smoothly, the pressure needs to be at the same level as the machine’s specifications.

A replacement model will cost $50-$200. You can buy them from auto parts stores or online like ebay.  Here is a video of how to test:

Maybe your car needs a replacement on the fuel pump, and you don’t know what to look for in finding a good pump. Well, you need to know that pressure is one key thing when buying a fuel pump. Engine problems can be caused by replacing your fuel pump with the wrong model for your car. If your car or RV will not start, try replacing the pump.


When you think of buying an onan generator fuel pump, you need to make sure that its pressure matches your machine models. You surely don’t want to suffer from low pressure or excessive pressure problems that may end up causing your engine problems. Fuel pressure ranges from 4 psi to 7psi, with some vehicles even using higher pressures. There are some reasons why onan generator fuel pressure should be something to look up before buying, and here are just a few.


Maintenance cost

Well, the cost of maintenance when the wrong fuel pump is used might tend to be a bit high. You don’t want to buy a new fuel pump every time you visit your mechanic due to the wrong choice of pump you took. Suppose you buy the proper fuel pump, which will end up saving so much of your money and time that you frequently would have spent at the mechanics place checking your pump’s problem.


Your engine wears out fast.

Of course, one of the main reasons to choose the proper fuel pump is to avoid your engine from wearing out. When an engine wears out, it can make you not get to where you were driving to.


The carburetor even becomes damaged, and you may find gas leaks are occurring when your car is idling. Suppose you considering onan generator fuel pump pressure when purchasing a fuel pump; you won’t have the problems of a worn-out engine.



A car’s delivery fuel system works together with all the other machine components to ensure efficient performance. When the faulty pump is used, it may lead to problems and even damage to the other parts of the fuel delivery system.


When replacing your fuel pump, remember to check the specification and model of your car or RV. Onan generator fuel pump pressure is a vital consideration to replacing your fuel pump. It would help if you didn’t keep on replacing your vehicle’s fuel pump when you have the chance of making the right choice when purchasing a pump.