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How Many Arrows are in a Quiver?

A quiver holds about 10 arrows on average. It typically ranges from 6-24 depending on the size and type. A very large one can hold 60.


If you are an archer then it is quite obvious that you will find this article interesting. As an archer, you understand the importance and criticality of having the right arrows. When you are into competitive archery or if you are into hunting, you need the right place to keep your arrows instead of carrying them in your hands. This is where quiver comes into play. Quiver is used to stock arrows and carry it around from one place to another. The quivers come in different sizes and shapes.

Typical Size of Quiver

When you look at a typical bow quiver, you normally can be sure that it can hold around 6-12 arrows. However, there could be some exceptions to the rule because there are quivers that could hold around 24 arrows at one time. Hence, you must do your research and then choose the right sized quiver with the right holding capacity. The holding capacity, would of course depend on the specific requirements and objectives of the archer. If you are not sure about it, it would not be a bad idea to take the help of professionals who could give better information about it.

We are also sharing some other useful information about quivers that may help the readers to get some more insight and knowledge on the subject matter.

Types of Quivers and how many arrows they hold

There are different types of quivers and they are directly related to their holding capacity. Let us look at a few of them for the benefit of our readers.

Back quiver is the most common type of quiver and as the name suggests it is held in the back. It is capable of holding around 24 arrows at once. However it is heavy and therefore those who handle these quivers need to have a skilled hand so that he or she can work on it comfortably.

Bow quiver: This is a unique quiver that it comes with certain limitations and shortcomings. It cannot carry more than 6 arrows and therefore could be used for a short term usage for around a few hours. However, it is quite easy to carry and lightweight and these could be considered as positive takeaways as far as this quiver is concerned.

Side quiver is attached either to the right side or the left side and it comes with a belt that makes it convenient to help the quiver sit comfortably around the hip. It can hold up to 12 arrows and it is considered to be convenient and easy to use. It is also quite popular for those who are into archery sports and also for hunting and other such purposes.

Field quiver is perhaps an improved or modified form of side quiver. This also can hold around 12 arrows in one place. However, it has some positive takeaways that are not there as far as side quivers are concerned. Sid quivers are often prone to injuries and accidents while moving or when removing arrows from the quiver. This problem has been addressed and you can be sure that uncertain injuries can be avoided to a large extent.

How to choose the best quiver

It is quite evident from the above that there are different types of quivers. While the arrow-carrying capacity in numbers is one of the most important attributes to consider, there are other things that also should be kept in mind. We are listing down a few more points to bear in mind while selecting the right quiver.

The Overall Objective

The end-use purpose or overall objective are perhaps two important points to be kept in mind when choosing a good quiver. For example if you have to move around a lot and need to access the arrows fast, then a hip quiver may be the right option.

On the other hand, if you are into competition or other such activities where urgency is not the main objective, a back quiver could certainly make a good choice. Take into account the weight of the quiver, the ease of porting it around and safety before choosing one. Yes, the number of arrows it can hold is also something that one has to bear in mind.

Final Word

At the end of the day, whether you are into an archery sports event or whether you are into hunting, having the right quiver is a must. Do your research, spend time and then choose a matching quiver and ensure that it is convenient, safe and easy to carry around. Remember that a quiver holds about 10 arrows give or take a few.

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