Can a BMW 3 Series Tow a Travel Trailer or Popup Camper?

The 2021 BMW 3 Series has a towing capacity of 1600kg.

The towing capacity of BMW 3 Series can be defined in terms of braked and unbraked trailers where the former represents trailers with their own braking mechanism and later denotes trailers without their own braking system. The very first model of BMW 3 Series was named as 318d Sport Plus Edition 4dr diesel saloon and this model was capable enough to tow 745 kg of the unbraked trailer and 1700kg of braked trailer.

However, this capacity was reduced to 600 kg and 1400 kg respectively with the trailers launched after that; the list includes BMW 3 Series Compact 316i 3d / SE 3d Auto / and Sport 3d. Furthermore, manufacturers made a little improvement with 318 tds 3d / tds SE 3d / ti 3d / ti SE 3d / ti Sport 3d / and ti Sport Edition 3d as they provided 620 kg of unbraked towing capacity and 1500 kg of braked trailer towing capacity.

Later, the brand launched few powerful vehicles in 3 series with enhanced towing capacity. BMW 3 Series Compact 320 td 3d / td 3d Auto / td ES 3d / td SE 3d / td SE 3d Auto / td Sport 3d / td Sport 3d Auto / ti SE 3d / ti SE 3d Auto and ti Sport 3d were able to support 720 kg of unbraked trailer with 1600 kg of braked trailer with ease. BMW 3 Series Coupe 330 Cd M Sport 2d / SE 2d / SE 2d Step Auto / Cd Sport 2d and Sport 2d Step Auto were designed to haul 750 kg of the unbraked trailer and 1800 kg of the braked trailer with ease. Depending upon your adventure tour plans, you can choose any of these BMW 3 Series models to meet your frequent travel needs.

If you are interested to find a car that can help you tow a trailer on adventure rides, BMW 3 Series models may serve your needs better. BMW 3 Series represents a modern sports sedan that offers innate sophistication with comprehensive performance.

The famous German brand designed BMW 3 Series models with two gas engine options; buyers can either opt for 255 horsepower four-cylinder or invest in 385 horsepower straight-six version. You may also find a plug-in-hybrid option for enhanced performance.

Those who are interested to collect more information on towing capacity of the BMW 3 Series are on the right page. Towing capacity is mainly used to describe the maximum capacity to haul the trailer weight. Although many models of BMW 3 Series are not designed to tow a trailer; you can find many powerful versions that can make your adventure tour more comfortable and convenient.

Although BMW eliminated the manual transmission system in this series, the eight-speed automatic mechanism is a reliable substitute. The 2021 version of the BMW 3 Series offers ample cabin with trunk space even in the entry-level premium sedan. The 3-series lineup is also known for the top speed with electric mode. It can achieve up to 87 mph with an increased battery capacity of 12.0 kilowatt.