Can a BMW 7 Series Tow a Travel Trailer or Popup Camper?

The 2021 BMW 7 Series can tow 2100kg.

BMW 7 Series models are the most powerful SUVs in the market with the ability to beat the existing popular models from Mercedes and Audi. The powerful engine leads to a velvety smooth experience on the roads with higher horsepower figures than the previous versions.

The 745e comes with a plugin-in combination of the electric motor and turbocharged six-cylinder engine that can help you enjoy a natural feel during adventure rides.

This series comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission; however, all-wheel drive is optional among 740i models and it is standard for the remaining lineup.

The first model of BMW 7 Series arrived decades ago in 1994; however, even from that time, most of these cars were designed to tow heavy trailers for adventure trips.

The BMW 7 Series 728i 4d Auto was designed to tow 750kg of the unbraked trailer and 1900kg of braked trailer. However, the capacity was increased to 750kg and 2100 kg, respectively with the advanced models including 728i Sport 4d Auto / 730i V8 4d Auto / 735i V8 4d Auto / 735i V8 Sport 4d Auto and 750i L V12 4d Auto.

Similar towing capacity was continued with several other models launched after this; the list includes BMW 7 Series Diesel Saloon 730d 4dr Auto / 730d Exclusive 4dr Auto / 730d M Sport 4dr Auto / 730d xDrive M Sport 4dr Auto and 739Ld M Sport 4dr Auto.

However, the braked trailer capacity was further improved to 2300kg with a few other BMW 7 Series models such as 740d xDrive M Sport 4dr Auto Diesel Saloon, 740 Ld xDrive 4dr Auto Diesel Saloon, 740d xDrive 4dr Auto, 740Ld xDrive M Sport 4dr Auto, and 740Ld xDrive Exclusive 4dr Auto.

It is a good family-friendly vehicle with efficient towing power to help you enjoy some adventure tours and camping. This vehicle comes with a quiet cabin, soft suspension, and pampering luxury features that can appeal to affluent buyers around the world. Manufacturers have added plenty of powertrain options to BMW 7 Series models that range from 320 horsepower inline-six to advanced fire-breathing twin-turbo V12 model.

There are so many enhancements that can be observed between the 2020 and 2021 versions of BMW 7 Series models. Heated front armrests, heated front seats, built-in dashcam, heated steering wheel, and remote start features can be found as standard features now; however, the in-dash CD player is discontinued in the latest cars.

BMW 7 Series models are also rated high for their interior aesthetics and serious business drive features. The materials, build-quality, and design are meant for the rich class with a truly luxurious feel.

These vehicles are also known for interactive interface and intuitive control. Furthermore, adventure lovers may find it a better choice due to additional cargo space that can help to carry enough accessories other than a trailer during family outings.