Can a BMW X6 Tow a Travel Trailer or Popup Camper?

Towing capacity of BMW X6 is 7500 lbs with engine upgrade. The base model is 6000 lbs capacity.

Campers weight by type: travel trailers 7200 lbs, popups 1500 lbs, teardrops 1200 lbs.

BMW X6 2021 has been capturing audience attention for its upscale design and bold style. This vehicle is proven to be a powerhouse for weekend adventures and towing needs on tough roads. The towing capacity of BMW X6 is increased by a considerable level as compared to its predecessors; all thanks to incredible engineering. This robust SUV gains efficiency to pull loaded trailers with two incredible powertrains including high-performance M-engineering.

The first option is 7500 pounds of towing capacity which is supported by a 3.0L inline-six engine with 330 lb-ft of torque and 335 horsepower rating. This model works with the standard rear-wheel drive; however, you can also think of investing in BMW xDrive all-wheel drive. The second amazing option is 6000 pounds towing capacity which is available with an X6 M performance engine that supports 553 lb-ft of torque, 523 horsepower rating including standard all-wheel drive.

Note that all engines of BMW X6 models are paired with the modern 8-speed automatic transmission system that supports mode manual and auto shift modes. In simple terms, it can support both driving styles depending upon your mood. Furthermore, the all-wheel-drive system also maximizes the grip effortlessly so that you can maintain safe movability on rainy roads and debris. The X6 model is also loaded with a smart auto stop and start function that assists in fuel-saving during peak traffic hours. As per EPA, it can assist you with almost 24 mpg of fuel economy on highways.

The first appearance of the BMW X6 was a little awkward with a coupe-style SUV finish; but as this model started receiving great attention from buyers around the world, the manufacturers also started working on the looks and overall aesthetics. At present, this vehicle is beating many big competitors in the market with sporty driving experience and stunning athletic design.

The latest version of BMW X6 is loaded with many eye-catching features such as android auto compatibility, and standard SiriusXM 360 L functionality. It also offers a 48-volt mind hybrid system with a 40I model and you can receive remote start, ventilated front seats with the M50I model. The trailer hitch is now included in the optional package; therefore, trailer hitch prep is also removed from the vehicle.

There are many different versions of BMW X6 and all of them come with variable towing capacity. Some of the most popular models such as X6 M, X6 M Black Fire Edition, X6 M50D, X6 M50D IND Collection, and X6 M Competition comes with a braked towing capacity of 2700 Kg. All these models are powered by a 4.4L engine with an 8-speed automatic system and premium unleaded petrol.

If you are looking for little enhanced power, it is better to go ahead with X6 M50I that offers a 3500kg braked towing capacity with a 4.4L engine. Many variants are also available with a diesel engine and can offer you braked towing capacity of 2700kg or 3500kg with ease. You can also plan to add essential accessories through optional packages.

It is a good tow car.