Is it Normal for a Jet Ski to Smoke?

It is normal to see some smoke coming from jetski. It is due to 2 stroke engine burning some oil and that is ok. If you have a 4 stroke engine then smoke is a sign of engine problems.


If you love to have a jet ski then you must have enjoyed watching the machines buzzing across the lakes and the rivers nearby and noticed smoke coming from the jet ski. Y

ou might get afraid in such a situation since you might be thinking that either there is any mechanical error or the jet is on fire. You will get to know that the jet ski is likely not on the fire and neither there Is probably a mechanical error. 


Why do jet skis smoke?

Jet ski normally smokes if you have a two-stroke engine. If you have a 4 stroke engine then you can consider the smoke as the sign of something wrong. Even the color of the smoke can tell a lot about what is wrong with your jet ski and the right direction to fix it. 

 Some of the major causes of smoking jet skis are:

  • If your jet ski has overfilled oil
  • If you are using a bad gas.
  • If the jet ski is facing any problems with the fuel injector.
  • If the jet ski has failed, head gasket.
  • If you are running your jet ski for the first time in the season.
  • In the normal two-stroke operation also some of the jet skis produce the smoke.
  • If you are using the bad oil injectors 
  • If you are using any kind of bad mix gas.


From here you might get to know the several potential causes of smoking jet skis. Even some of them are more problematic than others. If the smoking in your jet ski is caused due to the 2 strike jet ski then it is just normal but all of them can be remedied rather easily or can also be with the help of the mechanic.


Is all Smoke Bad?

At the time when you start observing the smoke being emitted from the jet ski, you need to be careful regarding all the minor and the major differences coming from the smoke. These observations are really critical to determine the major causes and fix them right away. So here is what you need to carefully observe.


Location: The first thing that you must be clear about is the place where the smoke is coming. If the smoke is being emitted from the back of the jet ski then you need to look very carefully to determine whether it is smoke or not. Generally, the jet ski smokes are white mist or fog that can also take on the appearance of the smoke. If it is being observed then it can be from normal operation and it is not the signal of something bad here.   

But if in the case the smoke is coming from the side of the jet ski or even near the engine and if it appears light gray or white color, then this can be indicative of an actual issue within the engine or even the components of the engine.


Color: Eve the color of the smoke speaks a lot about the major cause of the smoke and will suggest that either it is a normal condition or is there any real problem. The typical colors that you may observe here are white, black, or gray.


Thus, the smoke coming from the jet ski can be either normal or even can be caused due to some mechanical causes. The maximum of the jet skis have the natural steam or says some smoke coming out of the combustion process as well.

These smoke may be white, gray, or even black. The smoke also has a distinct smell and is majorly responsible to make you aware that either there are any problems with it or not.