Can You Wear Sunglasses on a Jet Ski?

You should not wear sunglasses while riding a jetski because you will lose them when you spill, and they can be discracting. Alternatively, you can use straps to secure them.


Sunglasses are expensive and you do not want to keep losing them. You should also not wear watches, shoes, and hats.


There are a variety of sports sunglasses available in the market that are created to protect your eyes from strong winds you are bound to get with the speed on a jet ski and will also protect them from the splashes of water so it doesn’t get into your eyes, besides this sunglasses provide a very high extent of protection from the UV rays of the sun because constant exposure to it may increase the chances of macular degeneration and also cataracts.

People tend to wear helmets with visors to avoid the water spray and the wind but fogging and heat can make the helmet extremely uncomfortable, whereas sunglasses can be worn for hours together without causing any such trouble as they remain on the face secured by a floating strap and in rare cases that they do fall their vibrant colors.


This can make them easy to spot in the water and as far as the frames are concerned they are built with molded nylon which is a very strong and lightweight material and the hinges of the sunglasses are continued as part of the frame and made of molded nylon too so they are as strong as the frame. Air flows freely through the frames ensuring efficient ventilation as they are designed in a way to reduce fogging.

It is also easy to get the sunglasses polarized to protect your eyes from the extra glare of the sun that gets strongly reflected on the water.

Jet ski sunglasses can also be counted on giving you crystal clear optical clarity in water and the refusal to wear sunglasses and staying on the water all day long as you indulge in jet skiing might make you develop dry eyes which is a common condition in which lack of lubrication in the eyes occurs and eyes may lose the ability to produce tears or not produce enough tears to cause sufficient lubrication. This condition usually affects both eyes and causes discomfort that may include stinging or burning sensation in eyes coupled with high sensitivity to light and eye redness as well as watery eyes, blurry vision, and eye fatigue along with the difficulty of wearing contact lenses and the constant irritation of having something in your eyes.

And if you continue to jet ski without undergoing any treatment for dry eyes or put on sunglasses for protection the dry eyes problem can turn into sunburn eyes, a condition in which inflammation of the cornea which is a clear covering in front of the eyes occurs and this may lead to eye pain along with twitching sensation in the eyelid as well as tearing of the eyes, swelling and redness coupled with headache and the increased risk of seeing halos and condition of constricted, pinpoint pupils (also known as miosis) and temporary vision loss your vision and the damage might become permanent if sunburn eyes are not treated as early as possible.


Besides this pingueculas and pterygium are a few examples of eye diseases that you stand a high risk of developing due to continued exposure to UV rays if you remain for long hours on the water jet skiing without wearing sunglasses.

Jet skiing is a water sport known all around the world in which riders use jet skis to compete in racing. The racing course is created with buoys and the shape is mostly oval.

However, in many countries, jet skiing is done as a recreational activity that gives the riders a sense of excitement as well as the freedom of enjoying being on the water.

For Jet skiing, most people typically wear wetsuits or any other clothes designed as beachwear.

They also wear a life jacket for safety and tight-fitting hats that won’t fall off due to high winds or quick movements of the Jet Ski and shoes that are made for the outdoor activity of water sports such as water socks and aqua shoes.

As the saying goes ‘Prevention is better than cure’ it is strongly recommended that you invest in a good pair of sunglasses if you intend to go jet skiing and fully enjoy the incredible fun this water sport has to offer.