Can a Honda Insight Tow a Travel Trailer or Popup Camper?

The Honda Insight Towing Capacity is 0 lbs. This car has a 4 cyclinder engine and is not made to tow anyting.

Honda Insight is better recognized as a hybrid of amazing fuel economy with impressive looks and it drives more like the conventional compact sedans. Many people compare it with the Honda Civic Sedan as both of these vehicles from Honda deliver a pleasant driving experience with a practical and roomy interior.

The unique combination of electric motor and gas engine further leads to the combined capacity of 151 horsepower. It can achieve 60mph just within 7.7. seconds but lacks power needed to tow a trailer.

The best thing to know about Honda Insight is that it comes with an amazing combination of electric motors, and gasoline engines and they supply power to the vehicle in a non-traditional manner. The hybrid system appears seamless choice for everyday driving; however, many people report that it creates additional noise when accelerated hard. However, the minimal price premium with a superb feel makes it a smart choice for the buyers.

The LaneWatch rear-facing camera was a much valued highlighted among previously designed Touring and EX models of Honda Insight. However, the 2021 version of this car comes with conventional blind-spot monitoring ability.

This car illuminates warning light right when it senses something on the blind spot on either side of the vehicle; however, the previous LaneWatch system was able to provide blind-spot viewing capability only for the passenger side. The manufacturers have also added a new color to the list: Radiant Red Metallic.

The mid-level of Honda Insight, EX-trim offers plenty of standard features while leading to the best value equation. Unlike Touring, this version does not come with leather seats; instead, it comes with a larger infotainment screen, proximity key entry, and remote start feature. The Insight provides a better experience in terms of misery fuel economy and balancing spray acceleration. The adventure lovers find it a powerful compact car that can ensure smoother performance on all kinds of roads.

The curb weight of Honda Insight is limited to 1240kgs and if we talk about the latest version, this model doesn’t offer any towing capacity. However, you can accommodate maximum passenger luggage within interior cargo space. It means, you cannot expect trailer or boat towing with this vehicle, but it can still ensure you full comfort on all the journeys to adventure destinations.

Although the vehicle is not fully sporty, it can ensure solid handling on rough roads with controlled rideability. The suspension system works really well on all kinds of bumps while helping users to change direction precisely.

If we check the recent reviews, Honda Insight is rated high for its 49mpg highway and 55mpg city performance with lighter EX and LX trims. Whereas the Touring model leads to 51 mpg city and 45 mpg highway movement ability.

Frequent travelers find it a reliable choice due to comfortable seating arrangement, enhanced fuel capacity, and satisfactory fuel economy. The driver assistance features and safety settings are also very reliable. Although you have to compromise for the towing capacity, this vehicle has much more to offer you.