Can a Hyundai Kona Tow a Travel Trailer or Popup Camper?

The Hyundai Kona should not be used to tow a camper. It has a capacity of 600 kg in Europe and 0 kg in the US.

Those who are always in love with adventure tours might be interested to find a safe and comfortable vehicle for their frequent travel needs. For many people, outdoor adventure is not limited to spending time with a beautiful holiday destination with family; rather, they love to tow their boat, trailer, or camper to the tough terrains to enjoy incredible moments.

If you are also excited to enjoy such adventure trips, it is the right time to invest in Hyundai Kona. This vehicle is loaded with several exciting features that ensure a safe and secure drive experience on rough roads. The Hyundai Kona receives its power from a 2-liter inline 4 that is capable enough to generate 132 lb-ft at 4500 rpm of torque and 147 hp at 6200rpm.

Those who are looking for enhanced power can also go ahead with a more potent and bigger 1.6 liter inline 4 that provides 175hp at 5500rpm. This model is paired with a 7-speed automated manual and can generate the maximum torque of 195 lb-ft at 1500rpm.

The towing capacity of Hyundai Kona

It is not made to tow.

When compared with other rivals in the market, Hyundai Kona probably appears the most exciting and valuable edition for adventure freaks. The higher towing capacity with payload ability makes it a reliable choice for travelers as compared to other rivals in the market. Furthermore, it is designed with a total curb weight of 2890 – 3256 that proves it the heaviest car in this segment; still, it can maintain the best hauling figures.

If we talk in terms of style, Hyundai Kona appears elegant with a bold finish and stunning facelift. The vehicle comes with eye-catching 17 to 18-inch wheel designs that prove it one of the best solutions for tough terrains. Although there are many competing models in this range, Hyundai Kona is rated high for its cleaner appeal and electrified finish. The diesel engine for this model was dropped in the year 2019; many countries are still having the petrol version; however, the electric one is gaining more popularity around the world.

The 136hp electric motor loaded into this model makes it a reliable choice for powerful rides as it can generate 395Nm torque. People find it a more reliable choice because the cabin is silent; it stays silent even when you push the start button. Buyers can think of investing in four different drive models including Eco, Eco+, Sport, and Comfort. The comfort model responds well to the accelerator; you can enjoy the smooth and effortless drive with ease.

This small suv should not be used to tow a camper trailer.