Honda Fit Towing Capacity – Can it Tow a Camper Trailer?

The Honda Fit is not designed to tow a trailer. You can get aftermarket tow hitches but are not a good idea.

Over the past few years, the Honda Fit has undergone the perfect blend of economic fuel usage and power to serve the audience with elegance. Those who are more excited to enjoy some off-roading trips during weekends may find this car more comfortable, spacious, and powerful to run smoothly on tough roads.

Considering the towing capacity of Honda Fit, it has become one of the best trailers in the market with all advanced features. The models released between the years 2015 to 2020 offered incredible power and strength on the countryside and hilly roads. The sportiness of this car makes it a reliable choice for enhanced convenience and safety on tough roads.

The latest model of Honda Fit is rated high for its fuel-efficient powertrain, aerodynamic lines, and crisper finish. One of the key features of the modern version of Honda Fit is its magic seat setup that ensures enhanced flexibility for the passengers.

The towing capacity of Honda Fit

At first appeal, Honda Fit appears more like a sizeable car but the size is perfectly hidden behind a light body and frame. The overall weight of the latest model of Honda Fit is approximately 2600 pounds. Although the lighter cars are not designed to provide enough towing power, this is not the case with Honda Fit. This vehicle is matched up with a class 1 trailer hitch, CURT 114063. The recently launched model of Honda Fit is claimed to tow almost 2000 lbs.

It means you cannot just drag a full-sized boat with your car, the powerful CURT 114063 trailer hitch allows users to set up a tow with enhanced convenience. But as it is a class 1 hitch, you cannot increase the towing capacity above 2000lbs. Therefore, you can haul only canoes, ATVs, and small trailers only. You will be happy to hear that CURT 114063 is perfectly matched with the new models of Honda Fit.

Note that CURT 114063 is an All-American built piece of equipment that offers superior quality control as it has undergone exhausting pre-release tests. This equipment weighs somewhere around 31lbs which makes it a light solution for heavy-duty hitch and heavy for the class 1 hitch.

The manufacturers have used high-quality steel material for this that doesn’t wear down after getting exposed to other elements. This equipment is precision treated, pressure welded, and stress-tested to achieve rigorous safety standards. While towing something on highways, there is no need to worry about losing control due to bruises and bumps on road. This specially designed trailer hitch ensures enhanced safety during your adventure rides.

Other than this, the latest model of Honda Fit is designed with a direct-injected 1.5-liter engine that is capable enough to produce 114 lb-ft of torque with 130 horsepower. People also rate it high for the well-managed interior space, responsive steering, and on-road handling. You can find the best deals for the latest version of Honda Fit in the market and get ready for the adventure outings with your friends and family.

It is a tiny car so do not use it for towing anything.