Honda Pilot – Can it Pull a Popup Camper or Travel Trailer?

The Honda Pilot towing capacity is 3500 lbs. This can be increased to 5000 lbs with tow package. This is enough power to pull a popup camper trailer.

Those who are looking for a powerful yet stylish SUV to make their adventure camping exploration dreams come true are advised to go ahead with the Honda Pilot. This car is loaded with crossover features that ensure enhanced strength so that riders can have fun on tough adventure roads.

Drivers are keeping their eyes on this amazing vehicle due to its modern performance technology. Honda Pilot 2021 can help passengers to enjoy incredible rides during all weathers. The V6 engine is added to all trim levels of this vehicle which makes the Honda Pilot capable enough to achieve 262-pound feet of torque with 280 horsepower for a smooth transition on highways. It is also important to mention that this SUV comes with Eco Assist System, Intelligent Traction Management System, and Idle-Stop to ensure enhanced smoothness on rough roads.

The towing capacity of Honda Pilot

The adventure lovers might be excited to know about the maximum towing capacity of the Honda Pilot. Well, the latest version is capable enough to tow a load between 3500 pounds to 5000 pounds range. There are five different trim levels that you can choose from depending upon your unique needs; the list includes Touring trim, Special Edition, EX-L, EX, and Pilot LX.

When equipped with a standard 2WD system, all these versions are capable enough to tow 3500 pounds. However, when supported by Intelligent Variable Torque Management AWD System, they ensure reliable performance with towing capacity increased up to 5000 pounds.

The Honda Pilot Black Edition is designed to work with AWD so that adventure lovers can enjoy convenient and smoother rides on city roads, hilly terrains, and famous adventure destinations as well. While enjoying powerful towing capacity, drivers can also ensure incredible payload capacity of 1420 to 1625 pounds with this. The frequent travelers may love to experience enhanced comfort on road by combining its cargo space and towing capacities.

There is no doubt to say that engine power, interior space, and strong specs are always rated on top while talking about the best SUVs; the drivers may also be interested to know about safety features as well. It has these safety features that make trailering better:

  • The Intelligent Variable Torque Management AWD System is a further great addition to increase the towing capacity of Pilot along with the ability to move over any kind of terrain.

  • Multi-Angle Rearview Camera with Guidelines makes trailering and parking safer and convenient, even for beginners as well.

Along with the stunning towing capacity, Honda Pilot is known for its serious output that is powered by a standard 3.5L V6 engine along with 262 lb-ft of torque and a 9-speed automatic transmission deliver 280hp. The 19.5-gallon fuel tank can further ensure enhanced efficiency to the specs.

Over it is a good choice for pulling around a popup or teardrop camper.