13 Problems with Aliner Popup Campers

The Aliner RV Camper has these common issues and complaints.

  1. Small space

  2. Poor ventilation

  3. Uneven roofs

  4. Poorly sealed

  5. Fan catches on the roof

  6. Ceiling wrinkles

  7. Has no door strike plate

  8. Floors are cold

  9. Cargo storage collects water

  10. Noisy water pump

  11. Hinges on cabinets break

  12. Windows do not seal

  13. No door stop

Credited with being the pioneers of A-frame popup camper, the Aliners’ production started in the early 1970s. The campers are considered the best-looking RVs around, which offer enjoyment to their users. They are made with highly innovative technology making them the best popup campers that are sustainable and light. Aliner campers come in different sizes and features to match the camping needs of any person.



As much as the Aliner campers are amazing, they also have their problems.

Some of these problems include:

Aliners have a small interior and living space

Aliner campers are designed with tall centers, which provide for headroom on either side of the camper. The campers do not extend to the sides, adding extra space, just like other popup campers. Most standards campers are designed differently to create the same amount of space all over the camper. Additionally, the Aliners are not usually big, which makes them only suitable for single campers. They cannot offer sufficient space for individuals looking to have more than two beds in the camper. On the other hand, these beds cannot be very long due to the available space, which means they can’t suit tall campers.

Aliners are costly and require more maintenance

In most cases, an Aliner will cost double the price of another camper of the same size. However, some of these costs can be cut due to the fewer fees required in towing. These campers also tend to require a lot of maintenance to be done on them regularly. The campers’ seals require additional maintenance every year, which poses a huge problem to most people. In as much as they don’t require much maintenance as the traditional campers, the maintenance they need is more expensive and difficult to carry out by yourself.

They do not offer sufficient ventilation

Most Aliner campers offer limited or insufficient ventilation, which doesn’t rank them excellently in terms of ventilation. The campers are designed with many windows, but most do not open, which prompts more air circulation to cool down the interior. Insufficient air can be felt even when there are low temperatures. Airflow is mostly hindered by the Aliners’ small size, making it difficult for people to remain indoors for long. This means that one will need to have a fan or air conditioner to solve this, which adds an extra budget.

Aliner campers have uneven roofs

The A-frame style of an Aliner roof is uneven, and this doesn’t make them appealing to most people. This roof tends to limit space inside the camper and takes individuals to hang cabinets and other stuff on the walls and ceilings. This means one will have to use shelves that he/she will be installing and removing after each trip. All this will prove to be difficult and hectic at some point.

Some Aliners don’t seal properly

In as much as most Aliners are leak-proof and bug-free, their seals sometimes have issues. In most cases, you will find that the part in between the roof and the sides has some gaps, which cause leakage inside the camper. In other cases, when the leveling is not done correctly, it makes the seals not seal properly. The poor seals will also make the walls and ceilings not fit together as required.

Shelving and storage is difficult in Aliners

Most A-frame campers, including Aliners, make shelving and storage very hard, which causes many inconveniences. Since their roofs fold down, overhead storage cannot be achieved in these campers, making individuals find alternatives to store things near the floor. As a result, one would be required to bend more when trying to get his/her stuff. In the end, it makes it difficult for one to retrieve and return items to their places as they would like.

Limits the use of electronic appliances

Aliners discourage the use of many electronic appliances due to their design and available space. Individuals cannot afford to install huge screens or fridges since it will prove difficult to access and use. Therefore, only a few small appliances can be incorporated, making your camping experience a bad one.

Full-time camping in an Aliner camper can be a little overwhelming, especially when you have many people. It is quite small, and therefore you will have to set it up at each stop. However, it is the most ideal for a solo camper who wants to enjoy their own space.