Can You Eat Crow?

You can eat crow. It will not hurt you. If you are in a survival situation then go ahead and eat up. It tastes like duck.

Often, we use the phrase eating crow to admit that a person is wrong or has been defeated. However, not many of us know where the saying came from. But believe it or not, cooking and eating crow was a real thing. And even now, just like deer and turkey hunting, many states today regulate the hunting of crows.


Crow Eating

There are many reasons for hunting crows. But if you hunt them as a meal, you should know that they can be eaten. Crow eating dates back to 1936 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the meat became a staple food for many people. In the following years, other states reported an increase in eating these much-maligned birds.

The Department of Agriculture reported that there were at least 2 people per day who wanted to know how crows are hunted, cooked, and how to make broth. The crow craze then continued in the following years. However, the increase in the public interest raised several questions about edibility. It’s why states started regulating the hunting of this bird.

However, that doesn’t hinder anyone from eating crow meat. If it’s legal in your state, there’s no reason not to enjoy it if you like.

These birds are edible, and eating them will not make you sick. They taste good if prepared well. While some people say that eating crows is wrong as the animals eat almost everything, that is not true. Many birds are a bit dirty, and crows are not different. If you are in a survival situation, there’s nothing wrong with including them in the menu. Some restaurants, although rare, even prepare and serve crow meat as a special.

Crow Recipes

You can prepare crow meat in various ways, including breading and frying. Some people also bake crow into a pie. Those who have eaten crow say that it tastes like duck meat. But it’s said to be a bit greasy compared to duck. However, if not prepared well, they might be grainy and tough. When preparing crows, mostly invest in breast since these birds don’t have a lot of meat.

Crow Hunting

Crows are usually hard-to-find birds. As such, hunting them is a bit difficult. Interestingly, these birds are very intelligent and can recognize and remember the faces of humans. Some research, in fact, suggests that they can transfer this dislike to other crows to warn them to stay away from most-hunted areas. If you spot a crow, you need to be very tactical about your shot. Otherwise, it’ll be hard to spot one again.

Most people use setup crow decoys and blinds when hunting crows and employ similar strategies like when hunting other birds. However, don’t forget that crows aren’t just any other bird type. Setting up 300 yards from the target is said to be effective when hunting these birds.

Also, note that individuals can only hunt crows during specific days of the week. While the exact reason isn’t known, this regulation is associated with Mexico and the Migratory Bird Act. One explanation for this is that US hunters believed that Mexican ones were over-hunting ducks and leaving only less of that breed. Therefore, both countries limited the hunting days for all birds, including crows. The Migratory Bird Act limits the hunting of crows to only 124 days per year.

Well, now that we know that crows can be safely eaten, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy their meat. Note that not many butcheries stock this meat. Therefore, the other option is to hunt it.

However, because these birds are protected under the Migratory Bird Act, you may land into legal problems if you’re found hunting without a license. Remember to check with your state about crow hunting first.