What is DPS Audit Number on Texas Drivers License?

The dps number is an audit number used to prove the validity of a license. It is printed on the bottom of license next to letters DD which is short for document discriminator. Here is a video showing it:


If you get a new license you will keep the same license number but have a different DD number.

Note that an instruction or a learner’s permit means that you can only drive under the supervision of a licensed adult with over 21 years. And if you are under 18 years old, then you’ll have to hold the learner’s permit for about six months before you can be eligible to get your Texas driver’s license.


Driver Education in Texas

Teen Drivers Ed

For teens aged 14-17 years, there are two portions of driver’s education learning that are necessary in Texas. They include:

· Classroom – 2 hours per day totalling up to 32 hours

· Behind-the-wheel – This is 44 hours in total limited to an hour a day\

The latter (behind-the-wheel), means that you’ll be taking what you’ve learned in the classroom to practice on the road. Generally, here is what this practical lesson will go down:

· 7 hours – observation

· 7 hours – training

· 30 hours of practice, with 10 hours taking place at night

Different Types of Teen Drivers Ed

In Texas, there are three different types of Teen drivers Ed specifically catered for different forms of practicing driving in the county.

Here they are:

1. Public School Drivers Ed – These are offered in high schools, and some schools offer just classroom lessons, while others provide the full package.

2. Training School Drivers Ed – Here, you can learn driving from officially registered training schools.

3. Parent-taught Drivers Ed –Otherwise known as PTDE, this method requires the parents to oversee all the 44 hours of behind-the-wheel instructions for their teens.

Texas Adult Drivers Ed

Unlike the teen drivers Ed, this one is a bit different because it requires only short hours to learn. Like the teen drivers Ed, you can opt for either a brick-and-motor school or learn driving online.

It’s a much easier process when compared to teen drivers Ed because you don’t require a learner’s permit if you are 18 and over. Similarly, you also don’t need to have completed the behind-the-wheel training to start the Texas adult drivers Ed.

With the adult drivers Ed, you’ll only take a six-hour course to get your Texas driver’s license.

Texas Instructions/Learner’s Permit Requirements

Below is what you need to be eligible for a learner’s permit in Texas:

· Identity proof

· Documents of Texas residency (you’ll need 2)

· Social security number

· Proof of graduation/enrolment in a school

· Completed PTDE and enrolled

· $16 fee for learners’ license

Texas Teen Driver’s License Requirements

· The permit

· Parent instructor

· The parents’ car insurance

· Parent’s Texas motor vehicle registration

· Proof of graduation/enrolment from a school

· Certificates of completion for ITTD and Drivers Ed

Texas Adult Driver’s License Requirements

To get your Texas driver’s license as an adult, you’ll need to pass a written knowledge exam, and a behind the wheel road test. Now, here are the requirements if you want to get your adult driver license in Texas:

· A driver’s license application

· Identity proof

· Social security proof

· Two documents to prove your Texas residency

· Proof of name change

· Certificate of completion for drivers Ed

· $25 driver’s license fee


The dps number on your license is a unique identifier for each license.