Hyundai Tucson – Can it Tow a Popup Camper or Travel Trailer?

The base model Hyundai Tuscon can tow 1500 lbs. This increases to 2000 lbs with upgrades.

Compare weights of teardrop, travel trailer, and popup camper.

With the development of Hyundai Tucson, manufacturers have paid more attention to engine power. There are currently two powerful options available for engines; you can either go ahead with the 2.0 Inline 4-Cylinder or choose 2.4 Inline 4-Cylinder. The first one is a base engine which is added to the Value and SE trims and it can produce 150lb-ft of torque along with 161hp. The other engine is standard with SEL configuration and it can help mobile drivers to rule the roads with 175 lb-ft of torque output and 181hp capacity.

Hyundai Tucson Towing Capacity

The maximum towing capacity of Hyundai Tucson is 2000 pounds but the range varies with different trim levels. If you decide to invest in Value and SE trims, it can help you tow up to 1500 pounds with ease. On the other side, the higher trim levels, SEL to Ultimate models are capable enough to achieve 2000 pounds of towing capacity.

All versions of Hyundai Tucson launched year after year were designed to tow both unbraked and braked trailers with a varying range of towing capacity. The Hyundai Tucson (2004-2009) 2.0 CDX 5d version was capable enough to tow a maximum of 750kg of the unbraked trailer; however, this capacity is increased to 1600kg with a braked trailer. The models designed after the year 2015 were observed to offer estimated unbraked towing capacity between 650 kg to 750 kg; however, it was between 1400 kg to 1900 kg for braked trailers.

There is no doubt to say that engine power plays a significant role in deciding towing capacity of the vehicle. However, there are many other features as well that you may find a great addition to Hyundai Tucson. The first most eye-catching addition to the latest model is a 6-speed automatic transmission system with SHIFTRONIC. It allows drivers to change gears seamlessly with efficient transitions. The innovative and automatic transmission system makes this unit a perfect choice for rough doors.

At the same time, developers have added Electronic Stability Control with Traction Control and Brake Assist. This advanced feature can help you enjoy a smooth and seamless ride on traffic-rich roads with enhanced braking power and cutting-edge maneuvering. Another amazing addition is Lane Keeping Assist; this system monitors the road consistently so that drivers can avoid accidental drifts instantly.

There are so many incredible features that are loaded to all trims of the Hyundai Tucson. You can easily find an attractive and budget-friendly deal to own this vehicle and soon you will be able to enjoy comfortable rides on rough roads.

Overall it can tow a teardrop trailer.