Can a Genesis G80 Tow a Travel Trailer or Popup Camper?

The Genesis G80 has a tow capacity rating of 0 as it is not designed to tow.

Genesis G80 – Engine Power

The luxury car claims to provide comfort throughout the journey even when the roads are bumpy. The exciting part is that this car is even able to remain quite stable while turning which is a plus point which not every car offers. Other than that, drivers will not face visibility issues which is a mighty problem resolved by Genesis on bumpy and unsteady roads. This can further be proved as the reliability rating is 4.5 out of 5.

The G80 is known for its two configurations. The G80 2.5T is loaded with four cylinders which are turbocharged. Not to forget, this engine is equipped with horsepower of 300 and even has torque of 311 lb-ft. The G80 3.5T contains twin turbo of 3.5 litres with a magnificent horsepower excelling to 375 and torque of 391 lb-ft.

The model in the year 2019 witnessed the G80 which had an option diesel engine. It has a 2.2-liter CRDi, which is one of its kind diesel turbo which were previously used in G70 and Stinger. It meets the emission standard of Euro 6c which has been possible due to catalytic reduction technology.

Towing Aids and Safety

The Genesis G80 is all set to keep you safe and sound whether you are on a smooth road and enjoying the time of your life or on a bumpy road, which may have driven you crazy if you did not own a G80. The car is loaded with numerous advanced safety features, which can also help you for towing purposed.

Some of these features include a rear view camera, front and rear parking sensors, blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alerts. Not to forget, in extreme scenarios, the car can even determine drowsiness of a driver to ensure the driver stays safe. When it comes to the brakes, the car has automatic emergency breaks and high beam headlights which prevent accidents.

The Genesis G80 is a one of its kind 4-door sedan which came into existence 2016; thanks to the innovative mind-set of Korean luxury automaker Genesis. This luxury brand is owned by Hyundai. Due to its immense success, the vehicle is being produced under the same name till date. With every passing year, the hype of this car continues to overwhelm people.


The Genesis G80 will definitely turn out to be a smart purchase if the driver is looking forward to a mid-sized car with extra comfort and relaxation. Although this car can tow light weights but this model is not recommended for towing purposes.