M1A vs AR10 Rifle – What is the difference?

The M1A fires .308. The AR10 rifle offers you more customization options via aftermarket upgrades that allow you to improve the function of your AR10 rifle. The AR10 has drop magazines. Designed with a longer rail, the AR10 accepts scopes easily, which isn’t the same case with the M1A rifle. The M1A iss more durable and is military tested, making it a highly reliable rifle as well.


The M1A

During the Cold Wars and Vietnam, the U.S military used the popular M14 rifle to battle. Hence, the M1A is a civilian version of the M14 rifle, which was designed by Elmer C. Ballance from the Springfield Armony Incorporation.

This rifle was designed in the year 1974, and the only major difference between the M1A and the M14 is the selector switch. With the M1A, you get a semi-auto weapon, unlike the M14, which is a fully automatic weapon.

Like the war version, the M1A was also designed with high durability and a good mid-range accuracy. Hence, this gun fires 7.62 x 51mm, which is .308 or 30 Cal cartridge. The following is what made the M1A a popular consideration among the masses:

· Magazine capacity of 20 rounds

· Durable construction

· Powerful caliber for hunting large games

And if that wasn’t enough to make this rifle more preferable, this rifle was also military-tested and accepted. Therefore, there weren’t any doubts concerning the quality of the M1A’s capabilities and features.

Also, this rifle comes in different models that have been in development since it was designed in 1974.

Different Models of the M1A

While there are many .308 caliber rifles, not many have the versatile nature and reliability of the M1A rifle. And the different models of this rifle that exist are classified using the following criteria:

· Barrel length difference

· Finish

· Stock

· Aim of use

That said, here are different models of the M1A rifle:

1. M1A Standard Model

The standard model of the M1A rifle simply means that this is the basic full barrel length variant. On its design, this rifle features a 22-inch long barrel that allows you to squeeze the full potential power of every round.

Because of this, the standard model of the M1A rifle is a perfect option for long-range precision shooting. This makes the standard variant very useful, especially if you intend to use it in a competition.

2. Socom 16 Model

Introduced in 2004, the Socom 16 is another variant of the M1A rifle that was established to offer a more compact and lightweight shooting experience. This rifle is for more tactical use and the name is short for Special Operations Command. Unlike the first model, the Socom 16 features a 16-inch barrel and it’s the shortest, lightest, and most compact of all M1A models.

3. Scout Squad Model

With this model, you get optimal function, weight, and compactness in one gun. This is a midway design between the Socom 16 and the M1A standard models. It comes with an 18-inch barrel that fires with optimal power and the rifle can be used for different activities.



The AR10

Unlike the M1A, the AR10 was developed earlier in the year 1955 by Armalite, hence the name Armalite Rifle. Armalite is the name of the company that originally came up with this rifle. The main aim of developing this rifle in the first place was so that it could compete with other platforms.

This included the M14 and it eventually won, and the AR10 became a replacement for the breed of rifles in World War Two. The AR10 is the predecessor of the AR15, which is currently dominating the market.

And like the M1A, the AR10 also has different variants under its name. Here they are:

1. DPMS Oracle .308

Like the name, this AR10 model was strictly designed based on the DPMS receiver. With this model, you get a lightweight rifle capable of firing ten rounds with a 16-inch barrel. The DPMS Oracle .308 is light and easy to use thanks to the polymer material used in its design.

Also, this rifle features a full receiver length, and it’s most preferred because of its high-quality Picatinny rail. This feature allows users to mount accessories and scopes on the rifle.

Hence, the DPMS Oracle .308 is best for casual use like short-range hunting and shooting as well.

2. Brownells-Brn-10 Retro Rifle

This is the second variant of the AR10 and it’s based on the original version of the AR10 .308 rifle. This retro rifle was originally designed by Eugene Stoner in the year 1955.

Based on its design, this rifle looks and functions like a replica of the initial AR10s, which were created for battle. This rifle comes with a 20-round detachable box magazine.

M1A Vs AR10 – Similarities

One of the most notable similarities between these two rifles is that they both shoot a similar 7.62×51(.308) caliber. As you may know, the .308 is very powerful, which makes it more effective for hunting big games.

Additionally, these rifles are also great options for hunting and self-defense for whenever you might be caught off-guard.

Another similarity between the M1A and the AR10 rifles is that they are both magazine fed. This means that you get to reload easily which saves you a lot of time and effort, giving you a tactical advantage.

These two weapons feature a semi-automatic operation. This means that you won’t have to retract the bolt on either of the two after every shot you take.