GP100 vs SP101 – What is the Difference?

The GP100 is more reliable and a better shot. The SP101 is a .357 with a bobbed hammer. Ruger GP100 weighs 1 kilogram, the SP101 is a bit lighter and only weighs 0.74kg.

The Ruger GP100 pistol is a modern version of the famous Security Six, which was introduced in 1972. The Security Six and its variants were a product line of the double-action revolvers and were manufactured up until 1988.

Because this model of the GP100 is newer, it fires cleaner and better shots, which is why most people prefer to carry it around their waist. Although this pistol is small and compact to carry, and it’s capable of handling .357 Magnum.
It weighs only 1kg, and this pistol’s versatile nature has contributed to its popularity among several departments of law enforcements in the world. With this gun, you get to experience a wide use of the fittings of the caliber and barrel lengths. It can also deliver 5, 7, and even 10 shots.

It also comes with several variants of its own that offer different functionality but almost similar results. First, the standard versions of the Ruger GP100 feature a barrel of 4.2-inches in length that comes with a full shroud. Additionally, the GP100 can hold up to 6 .357 Magnum.

As for the build quality, most of the standard variants of the Ruger GP100 feature a blued steel build quality. However, some of the variants are also made using stainless steel. Similarly, these variants also comprise several types that hold seven of .327, and others that can hold 5 of the well-known 44 Special, among other variants.

When it comes to the barrel length, the most standard length of the GP100’s barrel measures 4.2 inches. However, you can also find variants that feature barrel lengths of 5.5 inches or 2.5 inches respectively. With this pistol, you get sights delivered by the use of fiber optic, front blade, and read sight as well.
Lastly, the most notable downside about this pistol is its unreliable aftermarket support, and poor add-ons as well. Other than that, this is a pretty decent pistol to carry for self-defense purposes whenever you need to.



The SP101
The second option is the SP101 handgun, which is highly popular. This pistol is considered one of the most preferred small .357 Magnum weapons to carry. By using this pistol, you get to experience the function and feel of a classic hidden pistol with you. And depending on the barrel length, the SP101 is capable of delivering from five to eight shots.
Most SP101 variants feature a stainless steel build and come with a trench cut to the rear of the upper strap. Also, you get a front blade sight from this gun just like you do with the Ruger GP100.

Several SP101 variants feature a front with fiber optic and a target rear sight as well. As for the Magnum difference, most models consist of five-inch .357 Magnum. This pistol is sturdy, which makes it easy for the user to aim your target before shooting. And due to its compact design, the SP101 is hard to get noticed before drawing it.
This pistol is 4.5 inches long with the grip featuring standard rubber included, and the cylinder measures 1.4 in width inches.

Moving on, the lengths of the SP101 are different due to the different barrel lengths. For instance, the 3-inch barrel is 8 inches, while the barrel measuring 2.25 inches is 7.2 inches. Another important thing to know about the SP101 is that the heavier the variant, the bigger the grip will be, and the easier it will be for you to shoot the .357 Magnum.
Lastly, the SP101 features an exquisite recoil. This means that you need to take time to take a firm position as you prepare yourself to shoot.


Ruger GP100 vs SP101 – Differences
The Ruger GP100 features more customization options and offers better sight tracking, especially during quick fire. Additionally, the GP100 is also better when it comes to the variety and capacity of calibers used. Lastly, the GP100 is a highly improved pistol and now gives cleaner and better shots.

On the other hand, the SP101 also features a bobbed hammer and double-action mechanism. As a result, you get to have fun while shooting with the gun and the experience isn’t painful at all. And if you are looking for a gun that outshines the GP100 when it comes to user support after purchasing and add-ons, the SP101 is the best contender.

After the comparisons, the Ruger GP100 is the most effective and reliable pistol if you are looking for a concealed carry pistol for personal protection. This is because the gun features all-around upgrades in its features that make shooting a better and more accurate experience.

Because of its compact size, the SP101 revolver makes a great backup weapon that will be quick to grab and use.

Final Thoughts
Both these pistols are great for hidden carrying purposes for self-protection.
Hence, both these guns can get the job done well, even though the GP100 proves to be the better revolver of the two pistols.