Cadillac ATS – Can it Pull a Camping Popup Trailer?

The ATS can tow 1000 lbls but is not designed to pull anything. It is not recommended to pull a camper trailer.

Popups weigh over 1k lbs.

How Much Can the ATS Tow?

As per the official sources, the base Rear-Wheel Drive model of the Cadillac ATS comes with a maximum towing capacity of 1000 lbs. Meaning that it is possible to tow a canoe/kayak trailer with the ATS as a loaded canoe/kayak trailer’s weight ranges from 200 to 800 lbs. It is also possible to tow a small 8 KW towable generator with the vehicle which is usually less than 800 lbs.

Cadillac ATS Engine Options

The standard RWD Cadillac ATS initially had a 2.5-liter LCV I-4 gasoline engine that produced 202 hp but it was replaced in 2017 with a 2.0-liter LTG Ecotec I-4 engine which is a turbocharged four-cylinder piston engine. The LTG Ecotec engine can generate 272 hp @ 5500 rpm and a torque of 295 ft-lb @ 3000-4600 rpm. The LTG Ecotec runs with Premium Gasoline, which has an average fuel economy of 25 mpg. It is stated that any engine which has less than six cylinders is unfit for towing; therefore anyone with an LTG Ecotec I-4 should not even consider towing.

Cadillac offered an engine for those who valued performance which was initially the six-cylinder 3.6L LFX V6 which could produce 321 hp @ 6800 rpm and 274 lb-ft torque @ 4800 rpm. However, in 2016 it was replaced by the 3.6L LGX V6, which featured a cylinder deactivation system. The LGX V6 can produce 335 hp @ 6800 rpm with a torque of 285 lb-ft torque @ 5300 rpm. As this engine has six-cylinders, it can be used for towing however it is still recommended to be careful when towing.

The Cadillac ATS is a vehicle manufactured by General Motors under the brand name Cadillac. It is available as a 4-door sedan or a 2-door coupe. The ATS was debuted to the press in 2012 by Cadillac and was eventually discontinued in 2019.

Is it Recommended to tow with the ATS?

In spite of the fact that it is possible to tow up to 1000 lbs with the Cadillac ATS which is powered by a V6, it is not recommended, and for the ATS with an I-4, towing should strictly not be done. Since the ATS lacks towing aids on its stock model, towing can be accomplished by using a third-party towing kit; however, this is not recommended because the ATS was not designed with towing in mind.

With the ATS, you might get away with sporadic towing. However, since towing heavy loads is very demanding on the transmission, frequent towing with the ATS can cause constant wear and tear on the transmission and ultimately lead to transmission failure.

Another reason to stop towing on the ATS is that the vehicle’s frame, like the engine, is not designed to handle the stresses of continuous towing, which is likely to result in permanent damage to the chassis of the vehicle

The Cadillac ATS powered by a V6 engine will tow loads weighing up to 1000 pounds. However, just because a vehicle can tow up to does not mean it is recommended. Towing with the ATS should be done carefully because it was not built with towing in mind. Frequent towing can be detrimental to the transmission and the structure of the car over time.