Can a Ford Fiesta Tow a Travel Trailer or Popup Camper?

The Ford Fiesta is not made to tow anything. The rated capacity is 0 lbs. You can buy aftermarket hitches but they are not recommended.

If you need to tow a camper then you need a bigger car.

This vehicle comes with a five-speed manual system and the 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine leads to 120 horsepower. Furthermore, the optional six-speed automatic system ensures as efficient performance as you could expect while driving in the manual mode. As per the recent tests conducted on the Ford Fiesta, it could reach 60 mph just within 9.1 seconds.

Incredible Features of Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is listed among the top ten models of subcompact cars category. The lithe handling ensures fun to drive whereas the muscular engine of ST provides enhanced acceleration on road. There are multiple engine options to choose from including mild-hybrid patrols that promise excellent fuel economy.

Engine, transmission, and performance

The entry-level model of the Ford Fiesta comes with a 1.1-liter petrol version that offers 74 bhp performance. You will find it a reliable choice for the faster roads. However, the 1.0 turbocharged EcoBoost engine is much more powerful as compared to the other version. Ford Fiesta comes with several power outputs, beginning with Ecoboost 95. This fine engine delivers decent performance with low revs while hitting 0 to 62 mph just within 10.6 seconds.

Some of you may also like to consider EcoBoost Hybrid 125 model but it is a little pricy. However, this version promises incredible performance even at low engine speeds. The seven-speed automatic gearbox is another amazing addition to this model with Ecoboost Hybrid 125. Furthermore, the EcoBoost Hybrid 155 engine leads to powerful performance with its promise to deliver 0 to 62 mph speed just within 8.9 seconds.

Comfort and safety features

One of the most amazing features of the Ford Fiesta is that it comes with the fun of small cars and sophistication of big cars. With the Active and Titanium trim levels, Ford Fiesta is currently the most comfortable car in the market in the affordable segment. ST-line models also come with firmer sport suspension as they can pass the bumps beneath the car with ease.

This small hatchback car is total fun to drive and it offers incredible performance with sharp and precise handling. The well-weighted steering system may definitely put a smile on your face. The 1.0 EcoBoost engine is comparatively quiet and smoother; however, the diesel version appears much noisy.

The hybrid models of the Ford Fiesta are rated to be more useful for tough roads as they offer smooth performance with a refined range of features.

It is not much of a car for towing campers, but otherwise is a nice little car.