What is an RV Wet Bath?

A wet bath is a bathroom with toilet, sink, and shower all together. When you shower everything gets wet thus the name. This design saves space in a small RV.

The toilet provides you with a place to sit while showering, which is a surprisingly good option to have. This is mainly convenient when you require to shave your legs. The toilet offers a ready-made bench for you.

A wet bath requires less daily maintenance. Because everything gets wet when you shower, you don’t need to wash the bathroom as often. The showering soap and water will help to clean stuff. With everything made of waterproof tiles and materials, it will remain naturally clean longer with little maintenance. You will be done cleaning in minutes.

In a wet bath, you will need to regularly dry the bathroom, particularly after showering, to ensure no mold growth from all the wet surfaces. Usually, you will require to wipe down the shower after every showering by wiping it down with a towel.

One of the bathroom’s major advantages is that it is much more compact, with all the bathroom appliances designed in one small space. Because there is no divider space between the shower and the rest of the bathroom, it is much more compact and economical in terms of cost and space. An RV wet bath provides all features of a typical bathroom in a compact package. This offers more space in the rest of the room, while at the same time you get more space when showering.

Another issue with wet baths is that they are small. Typically, you will only have a space to step out of the toilet, and that’s all. Its small size also gives less privacy. The lack of a place to keep your clothes or towel inside the wet bath as you shower means you will need to open the door and go to the living room to get things or get dressed.

Most wet baths have minimal space for storage of toiletries. Hence, you will require to ensure that stuff you keep in the bathroom, like toilet paper, is covered when you shower. Otherwise, they might become wet and unusable. You can use an umbrella bag that is available in stores to cover such items from getting wet.

Lastly, you cannot double or multi-task your morning routines like you can in the dry bath.

Wet Bath Vs. RV Dry Bath

Choosing between wet and dry baths can be significantly confusing, particularly if you are new to RVs and campers. As stated earlier, a wet bath combines the toilet space and shower, with the entire bathroom floor being waterproof and featuring a drain. While taking a shower in a wet bath, the toilet and other bathroom parts get wet.

On the other hand, a dry bath is similar to the bathroom you have at home. It comes with a toilet, a sink, and a shower tub in their designated areas. You bath in the shower area or the tub. As the name suggests, this maintains the rest of the bathroom dry as you shower.

One of the significant advantages of a dry bathroom is the home bathroom feel. The toilet, shower, and sink are all separate from each other; however, it is smaller than the traditional bathroom; most individuals will be more comfortable with it because it is a setup similar to home.

Another benefit of a dry bath is that it allows you to double up your morning routines. For instance, you can brush your teeth while the other showers. This again gives you the home bathroom experience you always have at home. Dry bathrooms also provide you with extra storage space, which you can never have enough of on your RV.

One of the biggest disadvantages of dry bathrooms is the space they occupy. Because the bathroom appliances are separated in the room, the bathroom occupies more space sacrificing the rest of the space available.

More so, like any other bathroom, you will need to dust and clean the surfaces regularly to keep the cabinets clean. It hence requires relatively more maintenance than the wet bath. You need to wipe down the toilet and sweep the floors regularly.

RVs come equipped with bathroom facilities for use as toilets and showering. Most of the bigger campers and motorhomes come with separate shower and toilet areas like ones found in homes commonly known as dry baths. However, smaller RVs and campervans do not have sufficient room for dry baths. Instead, they use wet baths.

A wet bathroom offers a compact bathroom to maximize the space in your RV.