Kia Soul Towing Capacity – Travel Trailers or Popup Camper?

Kia Soul is estimated to have a maximum braked towing capacity of 2400 lbs. This number drops down to 1200 lbs when pulling an unbraked load. The vehicle can therefore pull a small teardrop camper. Note that it is not designed as a tow car and official capacity is 0 lbs.

Kia Soul Powertrain

The Soul is available in 2 petrol powertrains and one electric powertrain.

  • 2.0 Nu MPi I4: The engine available for the standard Kia Soul, the Nu is a four-cylinder engine with a multi-point injection fuel system. This engine can give a power output of 147 hp @ 6200 rpm with a torque of 132 lb-ft @ 4500 rpm.

  • 1.6 Gamma II T-GDI I4: The Gamma II is a turbocharged, straight-four engine with a gasoline direct injection system. Available only in the Turbo trim, this engine is capable of generating 201 hp @ 6000 rpm with a torque of 195 lb-ft @ 1500-4500 rpm.

  • Electric: The powertrain of the 2020 Soul EV consists of a 64 kWh battery pack which is a massive improvement over the 2019 EV, which had a 31.8 kWh. The 2020 Soul EV provides a power output of 201 hp and a torque of 109 hp

The power output and torque is a determining factor in how much a vehicle can tow. Higher power output would be favorable for towing. Among all the powertrains, the best fit for towing is the Gamma II as it has both high power output and the ability to deliver high torque.

Should you tow with the Soul?

The Kia Soul is not equipped to tow loads right out of the dealership. However, with the installation of third-party towing aids such as a trailering hitch and harness, the Soul would be ready to haul loads. However, the manufacturers state that the Soul is not fit for sustained towing in the owner’s manual.

Since the vehicle is not designed for towing, insisting on regular towing would lead to increased wear on the transmission and possible deformation of the body because of stress on it. As a result, these problems would demand more frequent maintenance of the vehicle. Moreover, the damage incurred due to towing would not be covered under the warranty of the car.

Kia Soul is a subcompact 5-door crossover SUV manufactured by the South Korean manufacturer Kia. The Kia Soul was first seen at the 2008 Paris Motor Show. The vehicle has a front-wheel-drive layout and is currently in its third generation, which started in 2019. The Soul is available in six different trims ranging from an MSRP of $17000 to $23000. The Soul is also available as a full-fledged electric vehicle (EV).

As the Soul is a subcompact crossover, not much is expected by it in terms of towing.

In conclusion, a properly equipped Soul can tow a maximum braked load of 2400 lbs with a maximum unbraked load of 1200 lbs. The Soul is available in many different trims, with the Turbo trim most suited for towing. Nevertheless, towing is advised against by the manufacturers of the vehicle. So those who insist on towing with the car would choose to do so at their own risk.