Can You Take A Flashlight on a Plane?

Flashlights are allowed in the plane in the US on the condition that they meet TSA restriction of 7 inches or less. If the battery is lithium it must be 100 watt hours or less.


You don’t want to land yourself in a commotion with TSA authorities. So, check out the following tips regarding flashlights on a plane

Carry A Branded Flashlight

TSA will not spend too much time inspecting a known brand. This saves you from trouble. Once they confirm that it is from a reputable company, you will not waste even a minute with them.

Put Your Flashlights in Your Carry-On Bag

Do not put it in your pocket. Treat it as some kind of toothpaste. The case might prove different in a situation where you are using an enormous flashlight. Aside from giving you peace with TSA personnel, you will not risk losing it.

Carry Small Flashlights, under 7 inches

As much as possible, try your best to purchase small flashlights. A huge one might be treated as some form of weapon. Leave it for home use and take a portable and easy-to-handle flashlight.



Can Flashlights be classified as a weapon on a plane?

The TSA considers every item in the restricted list a weapon. This is why they carry out thorough checks before you are allowed to take your carry-on bag into the plane. What about flashlights? Well, there is no denying that some flashlights can be used by some individuals as defense weapons.

While it is true that some flashlights can be classified as weapons, those that meet TSA restricted guidelines can be allowed on the plane. Usually, they check and when they find out that your flashlight does not meet its specified dimensions when assembled, they will not allow it into the plane.


Can I Carry My Batteries in My Bag?

Most people feel secure when they carry an extra store of energy for their flights. This could be the case with your flashlight’s batteries. You will always find yourself traveling with some. TSA only allows the following batteries into the plane:

  • Dry cells alkaline batteries

  • Rechargeable dry-cell

  • Non-spillable cells

  • Lithium metal batteries under 100 watt/h with no odor

Sometimes, you will be denied to travel with certain items on the plane. Others are allowed. Such is the case with flashlights. Security is key and that is why TSA does everything in its power to guarantee it.

Flashlights are among the top items people pack when they are traveling and you are allowed to bring small ones. Further restrictions and guidelines are usually stipulated by TSA and they are available online.