Will an EMP Affect Batteries?

Batteries will not be harmed by an EMP. The outer part is metal which protects them. Batteries have not electronic circuitry on the inside that will be damaged. However most electronic devices they are in will be damaged like radios, cars, RVs, and TVs.

There are other batteries, which possibly survive an EMP upon any magnitude without suffering any damage. The standard batteries like lithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel hydride are capable of suffering any damage. The complex battery modules with an in-built charge controller affected easily.

EMP is an electromagnetic pulse energy wave occurring naturally through solar flares and lightning strikes. It induced as the secondary nuclear war effect or weapon zed and used as a tactic in the military attack. A coronal mass injection of powerful flares of the solar causes the level of the EMP catastrophic event even when they have hit the earth. The out light will not kill the people.

EMP donates high above the country and not a direct bomb blast. Magnetic energy released, taking out the electrical grid. It sounds like a massive outage of the power. The research conducted by the Congressional EMP Commission, up to two-thirds of the population per year dies due to the enormous event of the EMP.



How EMPs Affects the Electrical System

CMEs or the high-attitude occurs into two phases of attack. The first phase of the nuclear bomb blasted on the high over the United States sending an electromagnetic pulse. This ranges above one thousand, four hundred and fifty miles away from the denotation area. Zapping of the electromagnetic impulse causes immediate damage to any exposure to any electronic device. This makes the second phase to wash and finish it.

The second phase causes the induced energy generated by the initial blast finding extensive telecommunication and the electronic network that crosses all over the countries. The wires that cross each other act as an antenna that sucks the energy, causing the energy to send winding along the paths. This burns anything that encounters the track. Electrical power stations and grids across North America do not have a visible way to stop it.

The commission report would take eighteen months or more essential in repairing the grids if done on any of the points. Most of the public electric networks already outdated and unprotected from any attack. It makes the rebuilding of the continental-wide impossible without any working systems placed to perform the task.

People relying on the medical equipment’s support and treatment like life support, including dialysis, oxygen, or insulin, give the first option for one to opt for. No one will be able to attend school, work, or even retrieve the money from the bank. Otherwise, this leads to the loss of telecommunications, transportation, banking, medical facilities, gas stations, grocery stores, emergencies like the police serves and fires, news service and broadcasting, and access to the internet.

This creates at most of the attack of the air attack-destroying infrastructure. Series of some dirty bombs set off in the right place having similar effects. However, the damage can restrict to limited points or areas. United States intelligence services state that the country has the group that unleashes the devastating attack of the EMP. One or two have the technology or the fund to pull it off yet. Imagine the difficulties of losing power due to a given storm making the situation a bit chaotic for an extended period.

The EMP aftermath prepares attacks for the Military in the United States, a fellow peppers’, and the air force one. The congressional committee formed explores this topic believes that the attack could be realistic in the near fifteen years. The government unable to proactivity the measures take the responsibility itself.

EMP appears suddenly with no warning compared to the hurricane, where one can watch on the weather channels before it hits. Electronics and the batteries survive the EMP, which are hardened before an attack occurs or protected by various barriers. The following gives the list of the items that easily survive the attack.

Non-digital appliances, Cars built before the year two thousand and two, Vintage electronics, Most of the devices that powered by solar or the batteries

An EMP attack is one of the fears that usually grips most of the battery usage. EMP has the potential to destroy anything connected to the electric grid, but batteries should be unaffected.

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