14500 vs AA Battery – Whats the Difference?

14500 batteries and the AA batteries look alike in terms of sizes but completely different. A 14500 is a type of AA size battery.

The 14500 are rechargeable. The voltage differs, 14500 is 3.7v vs 1.5v for the AA. The 14500 are made from lithium ion and have capacity of 700 mAh vs 2000 mAh for alkaline AA, 800 mAh for NiCd, 2000 for NiMH.


The size is almost the same, but the presence of the protected circuit makes the fourteen five hundred a bit longer. The voltage and the capacity differ. Their small size necessitates various electronics considering run-off ability on the respective voltages.

While the AA battery basics, the past A batteries provided specific volt, size, and chemistry. The technology of the battery progressed sub-A developing to the AA, AAA, AAAA batteries.


Comparison between the Fourteen Five Hundred and the AA Batteries

The difference in the sizes of the fourteen five hundred and the AA batteries is that the fourteen five hundred is slightly bigger in fourteen-millimeter diameter and fifty millimeters taller than the AA batteries. Simultaneously, the AA ranges between thirteen points five and fourteen, five-millimeter diameter and forty-nine point two and the fifty-point five millimeters tall. The length includes the top of the bottom part of the battery.


Electronic Profile

The electronic profile of the fourteen five hundred differ, and the AA batteries differ. The cell voltage of the fourteen five hundred range between three point six and three-point seven voltages. This is a complete voltage for a fully discharged battery. The range of the discharge is two point five voltages and the four-point two voltages. Generally, consider the perfect health of the battery not below three voltages. The cell voltage of the AA batteries is one point five voltage. The discharge rate is one point five and zero point nine voltages. Generally, the AA batteries will never work below one volt.


Discharge and the Capacity Rate

The battery capacity measures in terms of the milliamp hours or mAh. Fourteen five hundred batteries capacity ranges between sixteen hundred milliamp hours and six hundred milliamp hours so far. The rate of the discharge measures in the amperes A. currently, fourteen five hundred batteries range between one point six amperes and six-point five amperes.

Both discharge and capacity rates play a vital role, which differs on the same side of the coin. If the is low, capacity is high, and power is expected if the discharge is increased. The high amps suit the super high brightness level of the flashlight enthusiasts. This is especially the IMR batteries. However, if you are looking for a longer lifespan, high and low amps provide the best option.

Currently, the size of the AA gives excellent concern. An AA battery comes in the alkaline, lithium, not the li-ion, and the nickel-based rechargeable. Another thing about the fourteen five hundred always takes about the Li-ion rechargeable of the battery. In this case, AA can perform an essential battery or the rechargeable battery.

The Li-ion batteries have a self-discharge range of around ten percent per month. Keeping the batteries on the devices that sips the power makes the battery die within few months. However, in the case of the AA and the fourteen five hundred, note that the li-ion has a slower self-discharge rate than the NiMH.

This is worth mentioning as some of the fourteen five hundred makes the voltage limiter that set battery at one point five. Therefore, fourteen five hundred provides the best option compared to the AA NiMH rechargeable batteries. The most significant advantage of the li-ion rechargeable is that the batteries recharged over a thousand times without any memory issue.

They charged to the highest capacity always are are a good choice for a flashlight.


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