How Long do 18650 Batteries Last?

18650 batteries are a type of lithium-ion of size: 18mm by 65mm. They can be recharged 800 times and up to 2000 times in light duty use. They can last 3 days under high use. Storage time is 1 year(without recharge). They will age faster at below 0o C or above 45o

They are also rechargeable with a voltage of 3.7v. In most cases, they are used in laptops, flashlights, electronics, some electric vehicles and other high drain devices because of the rate at which they discharge and also due to their superior capacity.

The 18650 come in two variety styles: the button top and the flat-top styles. The sizes of the batteries also vary to accommodate the different devices. Besides, the recharge cycle of the 18650 is quite limited and varies. The more you recharge, the more the degradation of the battery.

Their lasting period ranges between 300 to 2000 charge amounts, which are higher compared to other rechargeable batteries. However, the lifetime of the batteries can be prolonged through regular charging, especially before the charge completely runs out. Batteries are not meant to last a lifetime, but with proper use and maintenance, 18650 batteries can last for more than a year or even two.

When going for an 18650 battery, consider your needs. For instance, with flashlights, go for the PANASONIC NCR18650B. For devices with high drain capacity; Samsung 25R is recommended.

If you want to know that the life of the battery is running out, you will notice that it starts to lose the charge faster, that it gets extremely hot when charging, the period of charging gets longer and also if you notice some deformities on your 18650 battery. In addition, if you’ve had it for a period of between a year and two years is a sign enough.

Buy the 18650 lithium-ion battery because of its capacity levels and also due to its longevity. And since the combination is also different when it comes to chemistry, the protected mode is advisable.


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