What is the Difference Between Lion and Lipo Batteries?

Lithium-ion(Li-ion) and lithium-polymer(Lipo)are all batteries that use lithium as the basic conductor. Lion are higher density and are cheaper. Lion are flatter and lighter and cost more. Lipo charge faster and are less likely to explode.

Lipo are commonly use in cell phones.

There are several properties of lithium that make it preferable in batteries. For instance, it has the lightest metal making it easy to carry it around. It has the highest electric potential making it preferred to realize the highest possible voltage in the batters.

Lithium-ion batteries

Energy density

Lithium-ion batteries have higher energy density when compared to lithium polymers. If you would like to have a battery with high energy density, then going for the lithium-ion will be a great way to consider. The batteries are cheap to manufacture, and that is why you will get them fairly produce. There are some cases where you would like to save money, and low-cost batteries are the best option. Lithium-ion batteries tend to be high in energy density than lithium polymers.


When it comes to the weight, you will realize the lithium-ion batteries are a bit heavy compared to lithium polymer batteries. If you would like to have a lightweight gadget, then lithium-ion batteries may not be the best.


Lithium-ion batteries tend to be rigid when taking into account the styles and shapes. They tend to have high internal resistance and slower when charging and discharging. Devices that have lithium-ion batteries tend to charge for long instead of those powered by polymer batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are susceptible to explosions hence require IC circuits. It is unlike polymers that are less prone to explosions.

Lithium polymer

Lithium-ion batteries aka Lion, (Li-ion) are lighter and more expensive to manufacture than their lithium-ion counterparts. Here are other features that make the polymer batteries stand out:

Lighter and flatter shapes

The polymer batteries tend to achieve flatter shapes as opposed to the lithium-ion battery. They are known to be highly reliable when used in devices such as smartphones, where slim designs are preferred. The flatter shapes makes them preferable in devices where compactness is a big factor.

Fast charging

Lithium polymers tend to charge faster than lithium-ion batteries. If you are looking for a battery that can save time when charging and discharging, the batteries stand out. Then there is no need for IC circuits because they are less prone to explosions. Many smartphone manufacturers would like to have devices that charge faster. There is high tendency you will find them using the polymers in the manufacture of the smart phone batteries.


The Lipo batteries are lighter and fast to charge. The property makes them preferable in uses such as radio-controlled cars. They can generate more amperages making them preferred. They are also applied in mobile phones due to the flat shapes. On the other hand, Lion is applied in flashlights because they have higher energy density and long run times.



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