Can a Jeep Commander Tow a Travel Trailer or Popup Camper?

The Jeep Commander’s standard towing capacity is 3,500 lbs and its payload capacity is about 1,340 lbs, which makes this vehicle competitive against many other SUVs. This is increased to 7200 lbs with the v8 engine option giving it the capability to tow a camper trailer.


Under the hood: Jeep Commander Engine Options

Jeep Commander came up with 4 different engine variants which are as follows:

  • 3.0 L OM642 V6 (Turbocharged Diesel)

It is a (2,987 cc) 24-valve and aluminum block V6 engine. It has a turbocharger and a pre-installed cooling system, with a capacity to generate 218 hp and 376 lb-ft of torque. It comes with a dry weight of 208 Kg.

  • 3.7 L PowerTech V6 (Gasoline)

It is a 6 cylinder piston engine with cast-iron block material. The engine is capable to produce 210 hp with a torque of about 235 lb-ft. Moreover, it also features a sequential MPFi fuel system.

  • 4.7 L PowerTech V8 (Gasoline/E85)

This engine comes with a cast iron block along with 2 valves per cylinder. It generates 307 hp and has a torque of 290 lb-ft. It is widely available in 4 and 5 automatic transmission.

  • 5.7 L Hemi V8 (Gasoline)

This engine has a cast-iron cylinder block with a very deep skirt design. For the cancellation of harmful emissions and less fuel consumption, MDS was used. Its dry engine weight is about 254 Kg. It is capable to generate 330 hp with a torque of 375 ft-lb.


Recommendations for Towing

The jeep commander doesn’t come with pre-installed towing aids, but without that, it can still tow a handsome amount of weight. However, the commander can easily tow a trailer with a weight of 4,500 lbs by using a weight distributing hitch with equalizing bars. To be on the safer side, a brake controller is highly recommended to use the trailer brakes.

The engines above 3.0 L are suitable for towing. As the engine comes with a pre-installed cooling system, it is perfect for a towing vehicle (it saves the engine from overheating). Also, the rock-solid frame of the vehicle is suitable for towing heavy loads. Therefore, it is safe to say that Jeep Commander is one of the perfect vehicles for your towing needs.

Being an American automobile brand, Jeep has been producing sports utility vehicles since 1945. In 1987, the brand Jeep with other remaining assets was acquired by Chrysler, one of the three biggest automobile manufacturers in the United States.

As a division of Stellantis, Jeep is currently manufacturing various SUVs, pickup trucks, vans, and crossovers. Jeep Commander is a seven-seat SUV, which was debuted at the 2005 New York Auto Show and manufactured until 2010. Jeep Commander was developed to be the successor of Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Wagoneer.


We can conclude that towing up to 3,500lbs and 7200lbs with upgrade it is good for a camper. This vehicle is highly recommended for towing because it comes with a strong frame with the complementing torque and engine power.

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