Can a Kia Sedona Tow a Travel Trailer or Popup Camper?

Kia Sedona has a 3,500 lbs of towing capacity, which means it can tow heavy loads, such as a camper trailer. So, towing lightweight travel trailers or any large object behind is pretty much possible.

Kia Sedona – Trim Levels

The Kia Sedona has the availability of three trims which the buyers can choose from.

  • LX

The LX has a 3.3-liter V6 engine rated at 276hp. It has an 8-Speed Automatic transmission and comes with Sportmatic and an Active Eco mode. The car has an overall length of 201.4 inches and produces 248 lb-ft of torque. The wheels are 17-inches ally with a silver finish.

  • EX

Similar to the LX model, the Kia Sedona EX has a 3.3L V6 engine that can produce 276hp along with the Active Eco mode. With 18-inch alloy wheels, this trim comes with leather seats, wrapped steering wheel, gear shift knob, and heated seats at the front. Almost the same in the dimensions and performance, it also produces 248 lb-ft feet of torque.

  • SX

This model is the most expensive of all the trim levels available for Kia Sedona. With similar engine traits like the LX and EX, the Kia Sedona SX has a 3.3 L V6 engine with 276hp and an Active Eco mode as well. Lengthwise it is also 201.4 inches and has a torque of 248-pound feet. The wheels of this model are 18-inch alloys with a machine finish.

Despite additional features in the SX model compared to the LX and EX, there are no differences in the engine, torque, horsepower, and towing capacity between them. Since the Kia Sedona has a good amount of torque, towing heavy things is not an issue for this vehicle.


Towing with Kia Sedona

Before you start towing, it is recommended you install appropriate tools for things such as a trailer. For that, you need to install an aftermarket trailer hitch that doesn’t require much other than a handful of tools and a trailer hitch itself.

It takes about an hour to install everything, and after you are done following all the steps, you can mount your hitch with numerous heavy load things and be on your merry way. Kia Sedona has a payload capacity of 1,157 lbs.


Kia Sedona is a critically acclaimed minivan that competes with well-known cars like Toyota Sienna or Honda Odyssey. Kia Sedona was initially launched in 1998, and Kia has continued its line till 2021. Offering buyers three different trim levels; LX, EX, and SX, each model of this family-friendly minivan has a praiseworthy towing capacity.

The gross weight of this minivan is 6,085 lbs. You and your family can enjoy weekends in the wild with your campers and boats, as the Kia Sedona is able to tow them easily to any destination.


In the end, the Kia Sedona is an excellent minivan with numerous features that ensure compatibility, leisure, and comfort at all times. The Kia Sedona, no matter which trims you use, has a towing capacity of 3,500 lbs. This means you can tow medium to heavy things like campers and trailers.