Can a Subaru BRZ Tow a Camper Trailer?

The Subaru BRZ has towing capacity of 0 lbs. It is not made to tow anything.

This sports car is designed with a flat-four finish and is believed to be much more powerful as compared to the previous models from the same brand. The best part is that manufacturers have addressed all the past complaints really well to make this model more suitable to the end-users. It is known for the lower center of gravity and feathery curb weight. This 2+2 hatchback is designed to deliver an outstanding performance on a variety of roads.

The latest version of BRZ is designed to beat many other lightweight sports cars. It is not just about the 1 inch longer span and 0.5-inch gap on the bottom, the bodywork is really impressive as compared to older versions. Furthermore, the interior is designed so well without sacrificing practicality in design. The driving enthusiasts will definitely love the power of the 2.4-liter flat-four-cylinder engine as compared to the older 2.0-liter version.

Reports reveal that Subaru will be available in two different versions in the year 2022: Buyers can either go ahead with the Limited version or Premium. However, the pricing information for the updated models is not yet revealed; it may also depend upon individual options and specific packages that buyers wish to add.

Transmission, engine, and performance of Subaru BRZ

BRZ boxer engine generates 184 lb-ft of torque with 228 horsepower capacity. The power can be transmitted to the rear wheels either through a six-speed automatic transmission system or a six-speed manual mechanism. The professionals at Subaru reveal that the center of gravity for this car is distributed so well to support the front and rear portion. The stability and traction system further supports five different settings; however, the driver is given full ability to deactivate the system as per necessary controls. Although all the models of Subaru BRZ come with the limited-slip rear differential, the Limited model rolls on 18 inches wheels, and the Premium version is finished with 17 inches wheels.

It is important to mention that the highway and city estimates for this model have not been released by the company so far. But it is expected to run with 75 mph highway fuel economy performance. The driver-centric design and 2+2 seating configuration improves the aesthetic of the vehicle. Furthermore, users are more attracted to its 7.0 inch fully digital gauge cluster that has a tachometer as the main attraction point.

Furthermore, the low seating position makes BRZ an excellent solution for enhanced visibility to the riders with thin front pillars. The updated models of Subaru BRZ are also loaded with excellent driver assistance technology that leads to a completely satisfying experience on the tough roads.

It is a great sports car but not intended for towing.