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What is 1075 Steel Used For?

1075 carbon steel is made of 0.75% carbon, thus the name. That’s what allows it to reach 62Hrc after quenching has been reached. It can make a wide variety of knives and swords.

An example use is: Wild Turkey Handmade Collection 1075 Carbon Steel Full Tang Butcher Knife Handmade Forged Kitchen Chef Knife


This steel has around little to no form of alloy so it is good for welding. It has the ability to combine with 15N20 that is known to have the same contend of carbon. It may also contain pure nickel that will ensure that you have more attractive patterns but making sure they provide users with a better cutting edge.



  • For welding. This is important steel as it can be welded. It is advised that you use pre-heat (550F) and post-heat (1300F) practice that is spelt out in the approved in the welding procedure. This is vital as it will ensure that there is no cracking that will take place.

  • Treatment. This is only achieved when you handle it by use of heat treatment. Heat it at 1650 and hen do oil quenching that will be followed by a tempering treatment.

  • Forging and hot working. This needed 2200F down to 1700F. Remember that it is important do a protection annealing. On the other hand, the hot working will be done at 900-2200F

  • It has been made with wide applications. It can be made on springs and also cutting tools like knives. Forming is one of the difficult tasks to accomplish but it can be done by use of conventional methods

  • Its design. Rated as its higher carbon steels that can be used to handle high hardness when it is in the fully hardened condition. When you are in this condition, the steel is known to be more brittle as compared to lower carbon steels.

  • Tempering and hardening process. This is not difficult. U will need to temper it well after you have heated it. After that you can do quenching. This kind of steel is bets used when it has been hardened fully. How to harden it. You will need to do cold working and then quenching it.

1075 steel is the best to choose especially if you are a beginner of making knives.