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What Kind of Food do Deer Eat?

Deer eat plants, grasses, leaves, twigs, grass, bark, and even shoots of trees. Other times, they feed on nuts, fruits, mushrooms, berries, and farm crops. Whitetail like rice bran that people put out.

Besides taking normal food, they also achieve their nutritional balance by synthesizing microbial symbionts present in their stomach. Deer usually have a deficiency of nutrients like phosphorus, crude protein, and others.


How Much Food do they Need?

Deers usually travel to half or three-quarters miles before they eat. When they have access to food, they will eat 3 pounds of feed. But during winter, when they have limited food options, they will take 4 pounds of food. The best times to feed your deer are during sunrise and sunset, and it should be an open area as these creatures prefer it.They are always looking for food.

How often the deers will want to feed depends on the type of food they have consumed. If it is low fiber foods, then they will need food after every four hours. And during late fall, when the foods are mainly high fiber, the deer will feed on high fiber plants. This food usually takes longer during digestion, and the deer will take about seven hours before they feed again.

Whitetail deer usually select food selection based on the availability of plants, nutrition, appetite, and palatability.


Examples of Deer Food


One of the most favorite foods for deer is nuts. They like eating acorns, pecans, beechnuts, and hickory nuts. The oak trees produce acorn fruits, and deer prefer fruits from white oak than the red oak trees. This is because the latter is sweeter.



Grasses and Plans

Deer also love grasses and other plants, such as flowering weeds. And if you have a field with wildflowers, then it’s the best grazing field for your deer. Most fields near forests have plenty of red clovers, wild roses, and dandelions which are a favorite snack. They also prefer forests because it gives them cover while traveling long distances to look for desirable food and water.



Though this might not be on your expected list, deer enjoy fruits. Whitetails get their energy from the sugars in these fruits. Some of their favorite fruits include apples, pumpkins, sumac heads, and persimmons. Whitetails will also eat the fruits that have fallen to the ground. But note that though they feed on it, they are limited and do not form a major component of their diet.


Farm Crops

Deer also love feeding on crops, and they are considered as agricultural pests. These animals usually invade the ranch of other people and eat any plant on their way. If you are rearing dear ones and prefer feeding on crops, you can slow them by placing whitetails litter around the crops they love to feed on. Since they have a strong sense of smell, they will avoid the area.



Mushroom is one of the supplements of the deer’s diet. Deer eat most species of mushrooms, including those which are poisonous to a common person. Usually, they eat the mushrooms found at the base of trees in the woods.


Winter Foods

There is little food for them during winter, and due to limited choices, they eat everything in their way. Tiny buds of bushes and trees and fallen leaves and twigs are some of the foods eaten by deer during this period.


How they feed

They don’t have upper incisors but a dental pad on the upper mandible, which presses against their lower incisors when gripping food. They rip this grip loose when they tug their head in a motion, and they also have tough crescent ridges in their enamel which helps them grind tough food.


Deer can digest tougher foods such as grass containing high amounts of cellulose. This makes them eat different types of available food, which are not even preferred by non-ruminants. But during their breeding period in the fall, the bucks usually eat less and will lose a lot of weight.