What can you do with Pork Trimmings?

You can grind up pork trimmings and add to sausage. Deli meat is cooked in them. As they are high in fat you can use for flavor in soup and chili, and for frying. You can also throw them out as not worth much. They are about 72% lean, have 191 calories and 19g of fat in 1 oz.


They are made by cutting off excess fat from the meat as in:

Picnic Ham

Also called picnic shoulder, it is a pork cut found immediately under the shoulders of the pig. It is relatively the best fatty pork cut sold with a bone inside. For best cooking, you can use slow cooking styles for smoking or braising. It is a cooking style that would make your pork juicy and tender


Spareribs are the pork cut found around the belly of the pig. This part is cut evenly with a recto-linear shape for easy cooking. If you want the sweety and tender pork meat, then cook this park cut either by low-temp grilling, braising, or smoking.

Pork chops

The center of the loin provides the meatiest and richest cuts. These chops are cut from the meat perpendicular to the spine. The common types of pork chops include rib chops and loon chops. These cuts dry quickly while cooking, so it is important not to overcook them. To ensure that they remain juicy, choose cuts that have a thickness of at least one inch. The chop is best for pan-frying, grilling, and drilling.They are so tasty.

Pork loin

Pork loin comes from the pig’s posterior. This meat is tender, large, and fibrous. It has no bones, therefore, easy to slice. The cut has a strong flavor and thick texture and a large fat cap from the back. Pork loin can be cooked by roasting, grilling, and even pan-frying, but it is best for roasting. The meat needs slow cooking but ensure not to overcook it. Do not cook it on high heat as it will get dry because of its leanness.

Pork tenderloin

This very tender meat is cut from the back of the loin. Pork tenderloin is pale pink with fine grains. This meat cooks quickly and perfects for weeknight banquets.

Pork baby back ribs

Baby back ribs are cut from the pig’s ribs cage near the vertebrae. They are small but meaty and cook quickly. Baby back ribs are got from deboning pork from the meat contained in between the ribs is loin meat. It can best be cooked by baking, barbecuing, and braising.


Pork belly

The pork belly is cut from the pig’s belly. It is used to make bacon after being sliced, smoked, and cured. To cook this, simply smoke and cure it with salt, and it will be ready for eating.


After the spare ribs are the sirloin, this meat is mostly cut into chops and very delicious. The meat is as tender as pork chops but with more muscle from the leg. It is best for grilling and marinating.


Pork Butt

This is part of meat found on the front part of the pig. You can call it a pork shoulder or Boston butt as well-A pork butt is commonly sold with solid bones inside. Roasting this part of meat from the pig is only the best way you can prepare it. It roasts well with layered fat and best for a barbecue or braising.

Rear leg

The rear is another meat cut eaten as ham. To cook it, simply roast it, cut the skin, rub it with garlic and leave it to roast for about three to four hours.

Pork meat could be juicy if you know the best pork cut you need to buy. They also have their unique methods for cooking them that would increase the testy. Most common cooking ways may include braising, smoking, frying, and roasting.

Trimmings are made from cutting off fat and can add a lot of flavor.