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Can a GMC Sierra Tow a Travel Trailer or Popup Camper?

A Sierra 1500 can tow a max of 11800 lbs with upgraded v8 engine and tow package. It has the power to tow most anything including a camper.

There are 6 different power-train options with their Sierra 1500. There’s the 2.7L, turbocharged I-4 which produces 310hp, the 4.3L, EcoTec3 engine, a V-6 model that produces 285hp.

There are two types of Sierra 1500 configurations: 4×2 or 4×4. The 4×4 is a great off-road performer. It also stands its ground when being driven over slick roads or in extreme weather. Its bed is in long and shorter variants. The bed lengths are 5.75’, 6.6’, or 8’ in length. The Sierra 1500 comes in 3 different cab types: crew cab, regular, and double.

There are two varieties of the EcoTec3, 5.3L V-8. One sports GMC’s Dynamic Fuel Management System. This one produces 355hp with 383lb-ft of torque. Then there’s the 6.2L V-8 that cranks out 420hp and 460lb-ft of torque. All these options offer high hauling and towing capacities.

Note weight by type: travel trailers 7300 lbs, popups 2500 lbs, teardrops 1200 lbs.