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What is Tannic Water and How Do I Filter It?

Tannic water is characterized by brownish copper coloring and happens after grasses, pine needles, leaves, and other form of organic matter settles onto or into the water and decomposes.. It is not harmful but does have a musty odor and a tart taste. It comes from Tannic acid.


And this isn’t only experienced by the lakes in the south of the country. Tannic water can be experienced in any lakes or rivers around the country. Additionally, it’s also a common misconception for people to think that tannic water is dirty and harmful. This is especially the case if the lakes break into an open Gulf.


But the truth is that tannic water isn’t harmful at all to any extent. And if you even decide to look closely at the tannic water found in lakes or rivers, you’ll notice the water is clear. This means that the tannic color is a result of the pine needles, leaves, or any organic matter that might be surrounding the lakes or along the river banks.




Is It Safe to Use Tannic Water?

Tannic water is only a result of the organic matter on the lakeside or inside the lake. The only effect that these organic matters have on the lake or river water is the color effect, which gives people more misconceptions.

However, tannic water is completely safe to use at home and doesn’t pose any health risk as far as research is concerned. This means that it’s completely safe to use tannic at home, and that includes drinking as well.

You should be extremely mindful when using tannic water in your home. While the only effect might be a change in the color of the water, it can also consist of a musty, plant-like smell. This odor and musty characteristic may deliver an unpleasant aftertaste after using the water. You can get rid of them by using an activated charcoal filter.

The color of such waters may have a long-term staining effect on your clothes if you decide to do laundry with tannic water.

In conclusion, tannic water isn’t all that bad in mild situations but it can also grow to become a problem. This water is characterized or created from organic matter forming inside river or lake waters. You can filter it to make it look and taste better.



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