Can the GMC Terrain Tow a Popup Camper or Travel Trailer?

The Terrain can tow up to 3500 lbs with optional engine. It can tow 1500 wth standard model as shown below:

  • 1.5L, Turbo Charge, Inline-4 engine, AWD: 1500 lbs

  • 1.6L, Inline-4 diesel engine, AWD: 1500 lbs

  • 2.0L, Turbo Charge, Inline-4 engine, AWD: 3500lbs

The Terrain SL SUV has a 1.5L, four-cylinder engine powering it. And the 170-horsepower produced will meet the needs of any average driver. It has a 9-speed automatic gearbox that drives its power to the front wheels. However, if you might encounter snow, go with the all-wheel-drive system.

It can handle pulling a small camper. Note weight by type: travel trailers 7200 lbs, popups 1500 lbs, teardrops 1200 lbs.


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