Can the Tesla Cybertruck Tow a Travel Trailer or Popup Camper?

The Tesla Cybertruck can tow a max of 14k lbs. It can carry 3500 lbs of gear. The dual motor version can tow 10k lbs.

The dent-resistant stainless steel, scratch-resistant finish, and sharp-edged exterior make this truck one of the most trusted solutions for buyers. The all-wheel-drive mechanism of Tesla Cybertruck offers the maximum driving range of up to 500 plus miles.

You will be happy to hear that Tesla Cybertruck is available not just with one or two; rather three electric motors. Generally, the single motor trucks are designed to work with rear-wheel drive; however, the two, as well as three-motor models, ensure all-wheel drive. As per the manufacturers, this vehicle can achieve 0 to 60mph just within 6.5 seconds.

The dual-motor cyber track can reach up to 60mph within 4.5 ticks while achieving the top speed of 120 mph. The ultimate performance of the three-motor model can be seen from its ability to achieve 60 mph within 2.9 seconds.

Towing Capacity of Tesla Cybertruck

You will be happy to hear that Tesla Cybertruck can tow as much as the manufacturers claim. This vehicle is known to have a maximum rating much better than other competitors in the market.

The dual and single motor versions have a maximum towing capacity of 10000 and 7500 pounds, respectively. However, if you invest in a model with three motor system, you can achieve the maximum hauling capacity of 14000 pounds. Other than this, every Tesla Cybertruck can haul around 3500 pounds with its 6.5-foot cargo bed.

Tesla offers satisfactory fuel efficiency with Tesla Cybertruck models. The minimalistic interior can also ensure improved comfort on all rides. The slap-like dashboard of this vehicle is equipped with a large touchscreen and illuminated display.

Stats reveal that Tesla Cybertruck comes with an adjustable air suspension system that can be lowered or raised on the fly. This truck ensures the estimated ground clearance of up to 16 inches. The manufacturers have followed 28-degree departure angles and a 35-degree approach that makes it a perfect off-road machine.

Every model of Tesla Cybertruck is expected to come with a 250 kW charging cable and it will provide access to the vast network of Superchargers from Tesla.

The driving range of Tesla Cybertruck generally varies with the number of motors added to the vehicle. The single motor version comes with a 250 plus miles range whereas the dual motors can achieve a 300 plus miles range. If you invest in a top-tier tri-motor setup, you can achieve 500 miles capacity with a single charge. The interior space is well designed to make your rides truly comfortable and memorable, even if you are moving out on a long drive.

There are six comfortable seats and the specially designed cargo bed provides 100 cubic feet volume for your vacation accessories. The infotainment system has a 17-inch touchscreen that is mounted horizontally on the dashboard. You will also fall in love with driver assistance and safety features.

Buyers can also pay an additional amount to access the full self-driving option on the Tesla Cybertruck model.

It has the power to pull almost any size camper trailer