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How to Keep Bees Away From Campsite or Picnic?

You can keep bees away by not eating sweet foods, not wearing bright colors, not using perfume, removing flowers from the area, and stay away from trash bins. Note that bug spray does not work against them. There are some home remedies that do work like garlic, cinnamon, baby power, peppermint, and a smoky campfire.

Bees that are searching for new locations to create colonies are usually attracted to areas where they find smell like honey. In case if you had some beehives in your garden or lawn area earlier that were not properly removed, they may attract bees.

Moreover, if your home has a preferred climate along with good food sources; it may be a resourceful target for the bees. They may even enter your home through everyday holes, chimneys, bathroom or kitchen vents, gutters and attics as well.

Tips to keep bees away:

Some of you might be interested to know the best tips to keep bees away from your home. Here are some preventive steps that you can follow to ensure safety from bee attack on your premises:

  • Avoid plants and flowers

It doesn’t mean that you have to take away all those beautiful flowers from your outdoors; instead, putting them away from preferred nesting areas may help. Bees are usually attracted to bright colored plants and flowers including clovers, honeysuckles, poppies, thyme, and oregano, etc. So, you should keep them at a comparatively far distance to keep your outdoors safe from bee attacks.

  • Avoid yard nesting

Sometimes, the favorite outdoor activities of family members end up creating perfect hiding spots for bees. A big outdoor grill or shed may be a great choice for a bee hive; therefore, it is better to cover those grills and seal the sheds or tree houses carefully. Keeping lesser items outdoors will help you to deter bees away.

  • Avoid wasps

Wasps are not bees, but they are often confused with bees. Wasps love to eat human foods; therefore, they can be commonly seen in the outdoor area, near trashcan, or in the yard where kids love to party. In order to avoid wasp attacks in your outdoors, it is good to seal food sources, keep trash in a sealed container and throw it away as soon as possible.

  • Home remedies

It is also possible to use some home-based repellents to deter bees from your outdoors. Some of the best options are crushed garlic, smoke form cigarettes or campfire, organic baby powder, cinnamon, potted marigolds, cucumber peels, peppermint plants, and vanilla mixed with baby skin oil.

Even after applying these preventive steps, if you observe bee colonies on your premises, it is good to take help from pest control professionals. They know the best tricks and techniques to kill or deter all bees. You can book an appointment with professionals to inspect your home and they can identify the best methods to deal with bees on the premises.

Swarming season in the United States starts from mid-march and it stays till late spring. It is observed that during this season, bees start reproducing, and then they split off to make new colonies or to find a new home. Chances are that they may even create a colony in your neighborhood and pose risk to your family members and pets.