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How to Attract Lightning Bugs?

You can attract lightning bugs by watering your lawn, letting the grass grow longer, and having pine trees. Also turn off lights and keep quiet.

Lighting bugs are widely known as fireflies and they are found in different parts of the world. These creatures preferably come out at night and can be observed with a warm glow and dim light on their bodies.

People also recognize them as soft-bodied beetles. The name firefly is given because of the bioluminescence behavior that they use to attract prey or mates. It is common to see lighting bugs swarming around trees at night and some night, they may even visit your yard.

Their visit to your garden may create a light show and you may get more excited to attract them time and again. Well, there are some proven strategies that anyone can use to attract these lighting creatures permanently to the yard.

Do not use chemical fertilizers

The most important thing you should know about lighting bugs is that they are mostly attracted to natural environments. When you spray chemical fertilizers in your garden, you are likely to deter them away.

Fireflies lay their eggs on the ground and the presence of pesticides in the area can kill their larvae. Also, these larvae feed on slugs, snails, and other insects. When you use pesticides, you do not just kill these creatures, but the firefly larvae as well. Therefore, it is better to stop using chemical-rich products in your yard or garden.

Enhance moisture in the soil

Studies reveal that fireflies are often attracted to moisture. If your yard stays dry most of the time, fireflies are not going to live in this area. Therefore, it is important to water your yard regularly, especially in the summer months. Also, fireflies require shaded areas and a protected environment to live in. Therefore, it is good to use dead wood or damp pieces to create some excellent hiding places for them in the yard.

Let grass grow

Although this idea may not work with all homeowners, it is good to let your lawn grass grow up to some extent. Fireflies generally like to live in areas with tall grass and shrubbery. Many people also love to keep their lawn clean and well mowed, but it doesn’t make desirable habitat for fireflies.

These lighting buds prefer to rest on tall grass blades in the day hours; if you keep on mowing it time and again, you are likely to deter away these bugs from the area.

Plant pine trees

Pine trees can create enough cover for fireflies in your yard. Due to deforestation and continuous damage to environments, these insects are not able to find reliable habitats. Pine trees in your garden can attract these lighting creatures and they can raise their families with ease.

Other than this, you may need to turn off artificial lights in your yard so that these bugs can enjoy natural activities around. Also, do not make noise in the area, let these insects enjoy peacefully and soon you will see the magic in your yard.

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