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How to Attract Dragonflies to Your Backyard?

If you are interested to attract dragonflies, there are many organic methods that anyone can follow with ease, such as planting vegetation and pollinator plants. Note they are attracted to water and mosquitoes.

  • Create a water fixture:

Dragonflies are aquatic creatures. It means they love to spend more time around or within the water. They also prefer to lay their eggs in the water. Many species also consider flowing water.

Therefore, your selection for water features may depend upon what kind of dragonfly you want to attract. In case if you are interested to go ahead with a water feature, it is good to consider two feet deep installation.

  • Consider pollinator plants:

Although dragonflies can find their food underwater sources in the form of mosquitoes and larvae; dragonflies are still happy to eat moths, butterflies, and bees as well to meet their requirements. Therefore, it is better to consider some pollinator plants in the area so that dragonflies can find more food. Some of the best options are water lilies, buttercups, and irises.

  • Plant vegetation near water

Another important tip from experts is to plant vegetation near water. A perfect combination of water and vegetation can create the perfect home for dragonflies. If vegetation is submerged in the water, it may help dragonflies to protect their eggs and they can survive better to grow.

Some floating plants or marginal vegetation may also serve your needs. Moreover, the presence of some trees and shrubs around can also help adult dragonflies to create perfect shelter.

Once you start following these tips and tricks, it will be easier to attract more dragonflies to the area.

There are an extensive range of insects in the environment that can invade your garden space. Many of them are beneficial for the surroundings and many others can destroy the property badly.

You may need to follow some trusted procedures to get rid of many harmful insects in your garden; however, it is also necessary to attract many of these for a reason. One of the most beneficial insects for your gardens is the dragonfly.

There is no doubt to say that we all hate mosquitoes. In the summer season, they keep on buzzing around and create annoyance while carrying harmful diseases around.

Staying safe from mosquito attacks is the biggest reason to attract dragonflies. Dragonflies are capable enough to eat these annoying insects along with ants, termites, grants, and flies as well. Therefore, you can stay safe from all these damaging agents.

Although the sad fact is that they can eat up some helpful insects from your garden or yard as well; but for most people, getting rid of nuisance is the main goal.

In case if you live close to the wooded areas, dragonflies can also eliminate the presence of other harmful bugs as well. Many dragonflies can also eat up tons of larvae of mosquitoes that are usually present underwater.

Therefore, people who have a lake or pond nearby may find dragonflies the best choice to deal with mosquito or fly issues.