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How to Get Rid of Pigeons?

You can get rid of pigeons by removing their food, setting traps, putting up barbs and screens, plastic owls, spraying them with water, and using repellents.

Note that they are protected in many areas and can not be killed.

No matter whether you live in a big city or on a farm, you will always find some pigeons around. They are seen everywhere including city buildings, feed mills, farmyard, bridges, campsites, and parks as well. However, once they start invading private properties, they start creating trouble for the residents and businesses.

As per the stats received from Wildlife Services in the USA, pigeons are considered as most dangerous pests near human habitations. They do not just create food contaminations; rather, can cause corrosive damage to vegetations and buildings as well.

They may even transfer some untreatable diseases to your plants. Therefore, it is better to find some trusted ways to get rid of these dangerous creatures from your premises.

Take away food sources

There are so many things that you can do to discourage pigeons from your premises. First of all, you need to identify sources that attract these destructive creatures like seeds and the trash containers are listed on the top.

It is important to mention that these scavengers are always attracted to food scraps as well as dumpsters in the yard. Also, some food leftovers after your evening get-togethers may attract these birds.

Therefore, it is important to clean everything carefully to reduce the attractions. Moreover, the bird feeders must be placed away from the building and the surrounding area must be cleaned from time to time.

Pigeon proof structures

If there are some sites on your building that pigeons can use for roosting or nesting, they must be pigeon-proofed. This includes rafters, roofs, ledges, attics, garages, balconies, and outdoor sheds as well.

One of the commonly used proofing methods is installing steel prongs like porcupine wire and bird spikes so that pigeons cannot land on the surfaces. Vents can also allow pigeons to sneak in and build nests. Therefore, it is good to cover openings by using screens or nets.

Set live traps

Once pigeons have entered your structure, it is necessary to remove them as soon as possible. In order to trap pigeons, you should place traps at multiple locations; preferably those sites where pigeons come to find food.


Use repellents

The market is loaded with several types of repellents that you can use to deter pigeons. It is possible to find natural as well as chemical-rich repellents to deal with pigeons. Visual repellents are capable enough to provide temporary solutions to handle pigeon problems.

You can also use reflective bird diverters with strings in different parts of the building. If you are interested to follow a more aggressive approach, you can seek professional assistance in your area.

These simple tips and tricks can help you save your home from pigeon attacks and get rid of them.