Can the Mitsubishi Outlander Tow a Popup Camper or Travel Trailer?

The Mitsubishi Outlander can tow 3500 lbs max.

This is enough power to pull a camper average weights of travel trailers 7300 lbs, popups 2500 lbs, teardrops 1200 lbs.

Although Mitsubishi Outlander is not listed among the most stunning compact crossovers in the market, it has gained popularity for its always-appreciated plug-in hybrid powertrain. The 2021 model of Mitsubishi Outlander is the most affordable solution among competitors; however, with the latest PHEV battery pack, the manufacturers have now removed the four-cylinder engine and third-row seats.

The new model offers an all-electric driving range while the top speed of PHEV can be between 79 to 83 mph with the all-electric operation. Note that the old 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine is now replaced with a powerful 2.4-liter version. Moreover, with a larger rear-mounted electric motor, the total horsepower is also increased to 221 horses.

The 2021 version of Outlander is available with the advanced plug-in-hybrid powertrain. It features a modern hybrid system that offers level 3 fast charging.

This latest model is much efficient as compared to the previous model with an EPA rating of 74 MPGe when combined with electric and gas operation. The 2021 RAV4 Prime provides the top rating of 94 MPGe with 38 mpg combined. The front-drive 2020 Escape plug-in estimates around 102 MPGe and 41mpg combined rating.

The Outlander has a spacious interior but the third row is missing in this model. This is how to plug-in version has achieved space for the battery pack. The cabin appears quiet and the slim design beats many competitors in the market. The infotainment system is loaded with optional Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capability along with a standard touchscreen.

However, people do not find it much intuitive. The vehicle has three USB ports with three 12-volt outlets. The manufacturers have also added powerful driver assistance and safety features to this vehicle. The list includes automatic high beams, automated emergency braking, and forward-collision warning. The top safety features are standard lane departure warning and standard blind-spot monitoring.

Towing Capacity of Mitsubishi Outlander

If you are interested to tow a trailer with your Mitsubishi Outlander, it is a great choice among competitors. The base model offers a towing capacity of 1500 pounds.

However, if you are looking for additional towing power, the Outlander GT may serve you better with its 3500 pounds rating. You will be happy to hear that both Mitsubishi Outlander and Outlander Sports come with extensive warranty coverage that can make your purchase worth it.

The Outlander PHEV is designed with a plug-in hybrid system that offers extreme versatility on tough roads. Buyers can also go ahead with the additional towing packages to enjoy enhanced towing capacity.

The most popular towing package includes a factory-engineered trailer tow wire harness and a factory-installed tow hitch. It can help you connect your trailer with each other for convenient healing on a variety of roads.

The trailer can have brake lights, taillights, and turn signals that are synchronized perfectly well with the vehicle. Some trailers may even have separately sold adapters and connectors to meet towing needs. Considering all these aspects, you can organize your rides with ease to the camping sites.

It can tow a small camper.