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How High Can A Raccoon Jump?

Raccoons can jump 4 feet vertical. They can jump 40 feet when starting from a rooftop.


When we talk about vertical jumping ability, the raccoons cannot jump very high. As these notorious creatures have short and stubby legs, they are likely to be thick in appearance. Therefore, raccoons are not able to jump very high; rather, they can cover a short distance with their jump.

These creatures can leap vertically to cover a couple of feet. Although their bodies are not meant for such physical leaping ability; they can adapt to their surroundings as well.

Therefore, if you observe their movement in your garden or lawn, chances are that they have reached here by leaping over something. These creatures are very agile and can easily jump over things around them.

How far raccoons can jump?

If you observe a raccoon on your attic or roof, you may be surprised how this creature has reached so high with his stubby legs. The fact is that they are not just good jumpers; rather, great climbers as well. In order to get on the trees or roof, they can jump vertically up to four feet and climb in-between to achieve high points.

Some consensus states that raccoons are able to jump as high as up to 40 feet in the air.

Therefore, they can easily land on the roof. Most of the time, they climb on the highest tree available near the building and then jump to the roof. The most impressive thing is that these creatures do not experience any injury during such jumps and leaps.

Even if they fall, their stubby legs can create the perfect base for comfortable lending. With their ultimate leaping, climbing ability, and general intelligence, they are able to explore several areas including your garden, roof, and attic as well.

If you live in areas that are often invaded by raccoons, it is important to take expert advice to prevent their attack. As these creatures can adapt to any environment with ease, it is better to follow some trustworthy preventive procedures to deter them from your property.

Raccoons may appear cuddly and cute at first sight, but these trash pandas are very dangerous for your property. If you live in an area affected by raccoons, they may create lots of nuisance in your outdoors time and again. Many times, these notorious creatures even enter the attic, garage, or basement of the property while causing considerable damage to the structure.

There are so many interesting things to know about raccoons, but the most terrible fact is that they can create nuisance at your property.

These scavengers take very little time to invade the house, especially the one that offers easy access to food and, safe stay. Many reports reveal that raccoons can even enter your attic and start a family over there.

Now, some of you might be interested to know how high they can jump so that you can estimate how badly they can destroy your property and which areas are at more risk.