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What is Rick of Wood? (Campfire Burn Rate, Storage)

A rick of wood is defined as a stack of firewood that is four feet tall and eight feet long with 16 inch long logs. It is also known as a face cord and has about 300 medium size logs.

Generally, the rick of wood or face cord is available in 24, 16, and 12-inch options. It clearly means that all the firewood logs within the referred stack will be of the same aforementioned length.

A campfire will use about 5 logs per hour. A bonfire much more.

You may find different offerings for a rick of wood and the widths may also vary depending upon the supplier and local market trends.

Generally, the cord of wood is a stack four feet high and the same width; however, it can be eight feet long. Whereas, a rick is defined as a fraction of a full cord that can be 48 inches wide. If we compare ricks to cords, the 12-inch-wide rick is somewhere equal to a quarter of cord, 16-inch rick can be compared to a third of a wood cord; whereas, the 24-inch-wide rick is almost equal to the half cord of wood.

Buying rick of wood:

The weight of the rick of wood usually depends upon the size. Moreover, it also depends upon the type of firewood that you have selected. The red oaks and white oaks are usually heavier than other wood types. The heavier rick of wood can be around two or half tons in weight.

On the other side, the lighter types of firewood can be spruces and the full cord may weigh around a ton and a quarter. Generally, the weight of a rick of wood can range from 650 lbs to 3000 lbs on the higher edge.

When we talk about seasoned wood, it can have 550 to 650 pieces that require splitting over a single wooden cord. The count usually depends upon how well the pieces are cut and how tightly they are packed. In a rick of wood, you can find almost 275 to 325 pieces of wood. You can compare to a bundle that typically has 5 logs.

The price of the rick of wood generally depends upon the location and the vendor. If you buy a face cord or rick of oak, the price may be somewhere between $160 to $260. Compare to the price of a bundle. Prices may also vary based on the type of wood you choose such as maple, red oak and black locust, etc.

The term rick is originated from the old English word that represents stack or pile. It mainly represents farm-related stacks including hay, corn, and wood, etc.

Probably you have just installed a fireplace or firepit at home and are now looking for firewood purchase options. Use a firelog to get campfire started.

Learn how it burns.

You might have heard about various types and sizes of firewood available with retailers; the list includes face cords, cord, half cords, quarter cord, quarter face, and eight of the cord.

These factors tell you if firewood logs are seasoned:

  • Dull color
  • Lighter weight
  • Woodsy smell
  • Loose bark
  • Cracks