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How to Keep Squirrels Away?

You can get rid of squirrels by keeping food away, having a dog or cat, fencing, plastic owls, and sealing up cracks.

Squirrels can create nuisance in the garden or yard and some call them rats with tails. They are more likely to attack vegetables, fruits, and birdseed or may end up chewing tree bark.

Squirrels can also find their way to your attic or crawlspaces to create their nests. Although they look attractive when they play outside, sometimes, they can create a huge mess at your property while causing expensive damages.

Do not feed them

If you keep on feeding them, they will definitely arrive at your place time and again. When the garden offers plenty of food sources to these roaming creatures, they will consider your property a home. If you are having scattering plant seeds, hanging bird feeders, and open trashcans in the garden, you end up creating an attractive place for squirrels.

Therefore, it is better to avoid keeping all such items in your garden to keep squirrels away. It is also good to remove whatever attracts them such as fallen nuts, birdseed, fruits, grubs, and seeds.

Scare them

A cat or dog can be a good solution to keep squirrels away from your home; especially if you have trained your pet to chase them. In case if you are not in a position to own a pet due to busy schedules, you can use plastic owls or hawks in the yard, or garden to scare squirrels. It is also possible to buy containers of tiger or wolf urine as they act as a predator to the squirrels. The scent of this liquid can scare many other animals as well such as rabbits, deer, etc. But make sure you reapply it again after rain.

Deter them

If you are not able to keep ground squirrels away from the yard, it is better to avoid their access to plants and trees using baffles. Experts advise using a 2-feet wide collar made up of metal and wrap it around the trees up to 7 feet in height. It is also possible to use squirrel baffles on trees and poles that support bird feeders.

Some homeowners also prefer using nets or fences around plants. The best idea is to keep fences almost 6 inches below the ground and 30 inches above the ground. Moreover, it is better to use stones, heavyweight mulch, or decorative rocks around the flowerpots so that squirrels cannot dig into the soil.

Seal your home and camper

If squirrels keep on visiting your garden more often, they may also enter your home. Therefore, it is important to seal your premises carefully so that squirrels do not find a way to get inside. Move around the exteriors of your house and check breaches or holes on the exterior walls as well as the roof. Seal all openings using reliable materials so that squirrels cannot invade your house.

These simple tips and tricks may help you to keep squirrels away from your home or RV with ease.

Some are very tame but they will not stay around if there is not food so that is the key.

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