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How to Attract Squirrels to Your Backyard?

You can attract squirrels with birdseed, cover like trees and bushes, and water. They like sunflower seeds and all kind of nuts.

Many people love to attract squirrels into their yard but the process is not that easy. It is important to understand that squirrels are incredibly fast creatures; they do not stay in one place for so long. You must give them some solid reason to spend time in your garden and offering good food and a place to stay can be a great idea.

Squirrels can eat a variety of foods but nuts are their favorite choice. They often love to stock acorns, walnuts, peanuts and then may even forget about them. However, squirrels are not just attracted to nuts; rather, they also love to eat veggies and fruits as well.

Squirrels are not even picky about their food choices; they eat anything that comes their way. Some of their most loved foods are mushrooms, squash, sunflower seeds, and broccoli.

Those who are interested to attract squirrels to the backyard might be looking for some trusted ideas to capture their attention:

  • Provide natural cover

First of all, check around your background for the presence of any natural cover. Squirrels are more attracted to natural covers because they do not like to stay open. If it is not present already, you can consider creating a shed using deadwood and shrubs.

Shrubbery and tall grass can provide enough protection to squirrels. Stacking wood or logs can be also used to serve the unique needs of these rodents.

  • Install squirrel feeder

If you are actually interested to attract squirrels to the garden or backyard, it is good to install a squirrel feeder in the area. These feeders allow easy access to food to these tiny rodents but make sure you place them at some elevation where squirrels can climb up easily.

The feeder must be kept full all the time. Although in the beginning, you will find very few squirrels around the feeder, slowly they will start visiting this area time and again.

You can also use a bird feeder which will attract both because they love bird food.

  • Plant squirrel friendly trees

It is important to mention that squirrels do not like all trees; you need to consider squirrel-friendly options for better results. Experts advise planting nut trees in the backyard to create a welcoming environment for squirrels.

Make sure that trees are properly pruned and trimmed to help squirrels hop over the branches. But the branches of these trees should not touch your roof because they may create an entryway to your home for squirrels or other rodents.

  • Provide water

Same as all other living beings, squirrels also need easy access to water to survive. If you provide clean water to squirrels, they will return to your garden again. Some homeowners even prefer creating a pond or pool in the backyard to attract squirrels.

It does not just serve the needs of rodents; rather, can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your exteriors as well.

Squirrels are very cute and attractive creatures that you would love to see in your garden, backyard, or lawn. They are mostly seen during the fall or spring season as they love to eat nuts and birdseed.

You can follow these simple and trusted tricks to attract squirrels to you.