Can You Tent Camp in an RV Spot?

You can tent camp in RV campsite at campgrounds but you will have to pay the full RV price which is about 20 percent extra per night. This is an good option in case all the tent sites are full.

The main difference is having a large paved parking spot.

Why it is not a good idea to tent camp at an RV spot?

There are actually some potential reasons to avoid tent camping in an RV Park or RV Spot; a few of them are listed below. Go through the details and soon you will be able to make a decision about your camping:

  • It is crowded

RVs are very popular and most RV parks consider RV camping only. It means, if you plan to pitch your tent in an RV spot, you will either pitch your tent in the restricted area or will be squished between several RVs. RV parks are very crowded places; therefore, it is not a reliable choice for people who wish to spend some time in a quiet and peaceful area.

  • They are distracting

Most RV parks feature large outdoor TV screens for public entertainment. Many RVs also have flip screens that may allow people to sit and watch from outsides. If you are actually in love with camping, it is important to analyze whether you want such destructing elements to destroy your idea of enjoying the scenery. It is like sitting in front of your TV at home. This is the main reason why real camping lovers prefer camping away from RV spots to get some peace and quiet.

  • They are expensive

RV parks feature lots of extras such as water, per-site sewage, free internet, electricity, bathroom amenities, and recreation facilities. All this is included in your entry fee. It is observed that campgrounds are usually less expensive as compared to RV parks. Therefore, if you are not willing to pay extra for camping, it is better to camp away from RV parks because they cost about 20% more.

  • They are not relaxing

The biggest problem with RV parks is that they are not very quiet. In fact, the modern generation RV parks appear more like small towns. Here you will find noisy TVs, radios, bike riders, and many other group activities happening all around. Those who love camping may not find these RV spots an ideal solution for their vacation dream.

In case if you are serious about your camping vacation, it is better to search for some peaceful and serene sights where you can enjoy more.

If you love to spend time outdoors, you should consider camping for the upcoming vacation season. But for most people, it is challenging to find a safe and healthy place to camp with family. Well, in such situations, you can pitch a tent in an RV spot to enjoy some memorable time with loved ones.

Those who are new to the concept of setting up a tent in the RV spot might be looking for some potential ideas to go ahead. Note that some RV sites specify that no camps or tents are allowed within premises; however, other areas provide tent camping permission so ask the park host.