14500 Battery Vs 18650 Battery, What’s the Difference?

The 18650 have more power and weigh more. The 14500 is the recharchable version of AA. The 18650 is larger than an AA. Compare stats:


  • 3.6v

  • 2850 mAh

  • 48 grams


  • 3.7v

  • 1115 mAh

  • 21 grams



14500 Battery:

The 14500 lithium-ion batteries are widely recommended for portable electronics devices such as cordless power devices, power tools, and flashlights. However, they are mostly compared with AA batteries. Although both these batteries have similar kind of characteristics, the 14500 lithium-ion batteries are known to have a higher power rating as compared to AA batteries.

Also, they are known to have better energy densities without causing any memory effect. At the same time, they have a lower discharge rate as compared to other batteries. As a result, they help to reduce carbon footprints by a considerable level.

You may also find these batteries at a lower price and higher power rating; they offer long-lasting performance. Also compare to AA.

18650 Battery:

Another popular lithium-ion battery available in the market is the 18650 battery. Lithium-ion batteries have revolutionized the design and performance of modern electronic devices with their innovative finish. The 18650 battery comes in the size range of 16mm x 65mm and these batteries can provide the estimated capacity of 1800mAh to 3500mAh. These batteries are able to output 3.7 volts output with ease. These modern battery units can be used to run a variety of electronic devices including laser printers and laptops.

The 18650 battery ensures the best performance among all consumer-grade rechargeable batteries. They are also resistive to charging related damages.

The general power rating of 18650 batteries is usually higher than the 14500 batteries. If we talk about battery life, 18650 batteries are known to promise enhanced battery life.

What to check before buying a 14500 battery or 18650 battery?

It is important to mention that both these batteries are designed with distinct characteristics and they are desired to serve different applications.

Therefore, it is important to check the essential features before making a final selection for the battery. The important factors to understand are the dimension and size of the battery as it must fit into the desired space.

The delivered power output, charge current, and charge time are other important considerations. It is important to understand the unique use cases of these batteries and then the selection must be made accordingly.

Among several versions of batteries available in the market these days, the 18650 and 14500 batteries are most commonly used for electronic devices. However, very few of you might be aware of the real difference between both these battery types.

Making a selection for the right battery is an important decision as it may affect the overall performance of your device. Observations reveal that the wrong battery can damage the device, especially if you use the more powerful battery for a device having a comparatively lower power rating.

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